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Wedding business ideas

All businesses related to weddings are very profitable, nowadays it is estimated that more than $72 billion are generated in the United States, about us $40 billion in Spain and $20 billion in Mexico. Many business ideas generate large revenues. The most usual boas planning for sales and business. Below we will present some wedding business ideas to offer services and products so that you can start a profitable business.

Wedding business ideas

Wedding business ideas

Bridal Shower Planner or Bachelor Party

If you do not want to dedicate yourself to wedding planning, you can choose to plan the bridal shower and offer services to be able to attend them + decoration services. You can also offer a place to do it or offer gifts and souvenirs.

Table and Souvenir Items

All weddings buy different souvenirs and souvenirs to establish a theme and so that guests can take those memories with them. The typical products that are included are candles, flowers, vases, fountains, sweets, napkins, ice sculptures and small gifts for the guests.

Write invitations and wedding vows

If you have writing skills or if you are an excellent listener, you can write the wedding vows for the couple. You can offer these services online or in person. You can also use these skills to make invitations.

Start a PowerPoint business

Many even the weddings and parties make presentations in PowerPoint, especially the happy moments, to share with all the guests at the parties.

Photography Services

If you have skills for photography or to record videos, you can start these services for weddings. Although everyone has video cameras, weddings require more professional equipment. So you can record interviews with all the guests, family or special messages of the bride and groom to spend in the ceremony.

Wedding gifts

Many times buying the perfect gifts for the couple can be a difficult task and that also takes a long time. Therefore, you can offer services to create gift registries. So, guests can buy the right gift.

Staples ideas for brides

Here are some ways you can find business ideas to help prepare for weddings:

  1. Shopping dress
  2. Dress alterations
  3. Bride shoes
  4. Farewell planning, Hosting, Gifts, Catering, Decorations
  5. Bridal slip, underwear, and hosiery
  6. Jewelry
  7. Bridal makeup and hair
  8. Bridesmaids for hair, coats, purses, dresses, shoes
  9. Bridal veil/helmet
  10. Bridal gloves
  11. Bridesmaids gifts

How to start a wedding planning business

If you like to organize and take care of the details in the activities, invite the guests, select the buffet, the colors of the decoration and the sponge cake, then embarking on the organization of weddings would be the ideal business for you.

Remember that in this work you will be very close to the couple and help them determine what they really want and what their best options are. Below we detail how you can begin to undertake in this type of business:

Make a relationship with suppliers. This means contacting the people who supply the weddings, for example, photographers, florists, costume rental shops, makeup artists, stylists, confectioners, invitation designers, printers, catering services, event halls, etc. It is important that you have different options, to present them to the clients according to their budget and their taste.

Train yourself Even if you are only going to work as an intermediary between the suppliers and the couple, you should be aware of what is fashionable and have a broad knowledge of every detail. Take courses, either online or in person, protocol and assembly events.

Subscribe to wedding magazines. Read and see continuously about wedding trends. It will give you new ideas and keep you updated on what is taking place in ceremonies and receptions.

Belongs to wedding associations. This will give you prestige, it will let you know, and it will allow you to make relationships. The more people you know about your own business, the more recommendations you can receive.

In your beginnings you will need the help and recommendations of the most experienced. So, talk to an expert in the matter to serve as a mentor. If possible, work the first events hand in hand with that person.

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