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If your business has a green focus, you can try to encourage employees to recycle more. One great way to motivate them is to name recycling department captains, who will act as a conduit for the green team and engage various employees. Recycling results improve with increased ownership. Paper audits are another great way to improve recycling. Using these tools will ensure that your company is not wasting paper and thereby improving the recycling rate.

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Having a recycling awareness day in your business is a great way to engage your employees and encourage them to recycle more. There are many opportunities for companies to organise such an event, including Recycle Week, which is held every year in the UK. You can subscribe to an email newsletter that promotes the day to stay up to date with all the events to get involved with your business.

In addition to creating a recycling awareness event, you can consider more innovative ways for your business to recycle. If you attend trade shows or exhibitions, find out about Recyclable Displays by visiting a site like

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Another incentive is to offer recyclable products to your customers. Companies like Apple offer incentives to encourage their customers to recycle their products.

Another benefit of implementing a recycling programme is the ability to save money on energy costs. By making simple changes to your business practices, you can help the environment while making your company more profitable.

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