Iwona Blecharczyk

Iwona Blecharczyk August 16, 2022

Application performance drops substantially when data stored in user-defined objects (UDO) are corrupted. The corruption of the UDO can occur due to various reasons such as system failures, power outages or improper use of memory management functions. To prevent data store structure corruption from causing performance degradation in windows 11, stay tuned.

Iwona Blecharczyk July 20, 2022

It’s important to know when you’re faced with a bad situation, and it’s even more important to be able to give someone a heads up, so they don’t get too wasted. This blog post will teach you how to spot signs that alcohol is watered down and what signs you should look for.

Iwona Blecharczyk April 25, 2022

I’ve been involved in the beauty industry for over a decade and I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the best and the worst of the beauty industry. I’ve been to the top cosmetic companies and I’ve been to the bottom of the barrel. I’ve learned how to write a business plan and how to create […]