Cyber Security

Jhonney June 19, 2020

Do you know how the cloud works? A public cloud service is based on an external platform managed by a cloud service provider that allows users to obtain their own cloud within a shared infrastructure. The provider offers everything from system resources to security and maintaining your system in the cloud. Given that it is […]

Jhonney June 18, 2020

Businesses face significant problems in finding employees capable of ensuring that their organizations are protected against internal and external threats. As a result, the need for professionals with IT security and experienced computer security certifications continues to grow. In the same way, organizations have also become more demanding when looking for their suppliers and business […]

Robi May 20, 2020

In Unix-based operating systems, the terminal is one of the most used programs, leaving the desktop environment in the background on many occasions. But of course, to use the terminal efficiently we have to use the commands that it integrates with those that perform all the tasks we have to perform, but they are so […]

Madani March 20, 2019

Many PC users, especially those who use the Internet, are concerned about the issue of information security in order to protect personal data in the first place. It is not a secret for anyone that a huge number of scammers and hackers of various stripes who seek to take possession of your personal information in […]

Madani February 3, 2019

Face recognition is a modern progressive technology, with which intelligent devices can identify a person by an image. It is hard to disagree that the introduction of this technology into the everyday life of individuals and society as a whole can be very useful, for example, it can greatly simplify the work of law enforcement […]

Jhonney January 22, 2019

Many companies are complementing their digital transformation with work in the cloud. That is how today technology has facilitated business in many ways. Working in the cloud means savings in infrastructure and investment, greater accessibility from any device and better collaboration, among other advantages. However, there are still companies that continue to resist working and […]