Jhonney February 2, 2019
tips to sell

There are few days left for the holidays, it is time to sell more in stores. So that you can plan and take advantage of it, in this article we present 7 tips to sell more during the holy days.

Do not forget to keep updated your social networks, they are means of communication with your clients and potential clients very effective and free, do not waste them!

 tips to sell

Manage your stock correctly

Nobody wants a greater amount of sales to find it unprepared, that’s why it is recommended that the stores make sure they have the stock that avoids falling into despair later. These are great tips to sell your product more frequently. Running out of some products will not only negatively affect your sales but will also influence the reputation of your brand.

Adapt your products to the festive season

Do not expect clients to look for your business the same as always, they will want something original and practical to give as a gift. Therefore, we recommend adding to your products some differential designed for the holidays. To make it notice, prepare a special decoration of your store that will show you are thinking about these dates.

It can be very useful to assemble different gift packages or kits that are already wrapped to make the purchase process faster and simpler. These tips to sell will generate an increase in sales.

Another detail that you could implement in your business is to offer a special package with an additional cost that will allow you to increase your sales and give a more personalized service for those who want to stand out. I surprised your customers with fun options!

Do you know what are the most common mistakes during the sales process? In this note, we tell you how to avoid them!

 tips to sell

I extended the closing schedule

When the holidays approach, people have many activities and things to organize, extending the closing hours of your business you adapt to the needs of your customers and they will value it. We recommend that you communicate clearly so everyone is informed.

Offer more discounts

Another kind of tips to sell that will make customers decide for your business is a discount. We recommend you to make discounts on some products for a limited time. If you have a customer email database, you can send them a coupon with the discount so they are aware.

Satisfy your customers in the business

A great attraction for customers to enter your store is a small gift, a toast, or sweet. It may seem insignificant, but that detail draws attention and shows a personalized treatment. In addition, it will make them spend more time in your store, increasing the purchase possibilities.

 tips to sell

Accept card payments is the best tips to sell more

It is a time of year where people have many expenses and must make many purchases to give. That reduces the amount of cash available, so they will prefer to pay by card. If you do not accept this means of payment, you probably lose many sales opportunities, negatively impacting your results.

In addition, accepting a card will allow you to capture the “impulsive sale”, those spontaneous sales, not premeditated. It will also allow you to offer financing in installments, making the purchase impact less to the client’s pocket because the payment will distribute it over several months.

Posnet, Lapos, Mercado Pago, Todo Pago: In this note, I learned more about the services you can use to charge with a card.

 tips to sell

Invested in advertising

We recommend that you invest in advertising on Adwords, Facebook or Instagram, it gives very good results and the costs are not very high. You can start with the budget you want and change it based on the results that you are given.

Also, do not forget to keep updated your social networks; they are means of communication with your clients and potential clients very effective and free.  Do not waste these tips to sell more and more products!

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