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Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or looking to update your existing one, technology has to be at the forefront of your decision making. Deploying the right innovations at all levels of your business can improve the customer experience and give a useful boost to your sales. Here are 5 technology suggestions that offer great results.

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1. Easy marketing emails

Got a customer email list? Use an email service provider such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign to craft and distribute your special offers and future events. Inbuilt templates make it easy to design eye-catching emails, and analytic tracking tools show customer engagement, enabling you to tailor future campaigns.

2. Ordering online

If you offer takeaway food, or run a casual restaurant that experiences long queues, then online or digital ordering is for you. According to Forbes, up to 25% of all restaurant sales may happen digitally in the next five years. It’s increasingly popular with customers as it encourages stress-free browsing and avoids miscommunicated orders over the phone. Plus, you can track your website orders and gather useful data about your regular customers.

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3. Improve your kitchen

Choosing the right tools for your kitchen is also crucial to your restaurant’s success. One essential is a kitchen display system to improve communication between front and back-of-house teams. You also need to streamline kitchen workflow: an optimised layout, state-of-the-art ovens, and a display freezer, like those found at, all help to get the food out to customers.

4. Sort your scheduling

Staff scheduling can be difficult, with last-minute changes and holidays to factor in. However, scheduling software such as Deputy or Zoomshift automates much of the process – also, your staff can access it to see their schedules and request vacation time.

5. Get your Wi-Fi right

Customers love free Wi-Fi – and these days, they expect it. It could also help your sales if a big group chooses your restaurant as a place to both work and eat. Therefore it’s important to ensure your Wi-Fi is both reputable and reliable. Invest in a decent router, and choose an established provider, both of which will ensure customer satisfaction.

By assessing your restaurant’s requirements, you can choose the technologies that will help it most – and that will positively impact your customers, your staff, and your sales.

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