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How to charge phone without charger port

In emergencies, one of the services that commonly fails is the electricity network. However, it is also possible that electricity is needed at times away from urban environments, such as a camp. Whatever the case, this method will allow you to recharge your smartphone’s battery in three easy steps. 

How to charge phone without charger port?

Charge phone without charger port

You need pretty common items that you possibly have at home. First, you will use a USB charger with a cigarette lighter socket, the USB cable with which you usually recharge your phone, a 9-volt battery, and a metal clip. You can also fix the mobile charging problem.

This method conducts electricity from the battery to the battery of your smartphone forming a low intense electric field. With it, you can give your phone’s battery enough charge to make an emergency call or send messages.

Step 1: Place the metal clip on one of the poles of the battery

The batteries have two poles, one positive and one negative. Once both poles are in contact or wired, electrons flow from the negative to the positive. That said, open the clip and place it on the negative pole of the battery – the hexagonal shape – so that a part of the clip surrounds it until one end points up and the other out.

Step 2: Place the car charger on the positive pole

Simply place the plug on the positive pole. You must hold it because there is no way to keep in contact with the pole.

Step 3: Bring the clip towards the metal part of the sides of the charger

If everything is correctly positioned, as soon as the clip comes into contact with the metal parts on the sides of the charger, the charging lamp should turn on. Now, connect the USB cable of the car charger to the charging port of your smartphone to start charging.

It should be noted that this is not the only method to recharge a smartphone’s battery without requiring an electrical connection. There are other methods; all are based on the same principle of this option.

Charge a cell phone

Charge a cell phone with a USB cable

A cell phone can be charged by connecting it to a computer with a USB data cable and diverting power from the system. Charging the phone with a USB data cable works in the same way as with a normal charger, except for a full charge it may take a little longer (about three hours) since it is not directly connected to a power source. Energy as an outlet or outlet in the car. It can be charged using a USB port with a laptop as well, but you will do better if the power supply of the laptop is connected so that the system battery does not die while you are trying to save the cell phone.


It is a disposable charger that provides extra life for batteries in electronic devices, including cell phones, iPods, laptops, video cameras, and portable gaming consoles. It fits directly into the charging port of your cell phone to offer an hour of cell phone use before you die, in which the Cellboost charger becomes useless. The problems with Cellboost are that it can only be used once and does not fully charge the cell phone. For people who frequently use their cell phones, Cellboost is an appropriate option, except in emergencies.

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