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how to stop apps from auto updating

Have you set automatic application updates on your mobile phone so that you always have the best and most functional version of your favorite services? Many Apps offer efficient and often continuously improving services. For this reason, each developer proposes updating their product frequently. Thanks to continuous updates and evolutions, in fact, our mobile devices allow us to satisfy an ever wider range of needs and expectations. By proposing themselves as possible answers to new needs recent versions of our applications may be unstable or present unpleasant news for some users. This guide, we present how to stop apps from auto updating both in Android smartphones and in iOS devices. Happy reading and good work!

Did you notice that your phone has just automatically updated your favorite application but you are not satisfied with the result? Are you dismayed at the idea of ​​having to get used to new and unwelcome provisions and functions? Do you think there is no way to go back to the old and beloved previous version of the App? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you!

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How to stop apps from auto updating in iPhone

stop auto app update in iPhone

In both cases, in fact, it will be possible to downgrade the App that we want to bring back to the previous version. In particular, the procedure is almost instantaneous in Android devices, while it requires a few more steps if you are in possession of an iPhone. In any case, do not worry because it is still a rather difficult and quick procedure. In case you have an Apple device, the only fundamental requirement to restore an App to its previous version is the presence of a backup of the contents of our iOS device.

If you keep a backup of the iPhone on your computer, in fact, just use iTunes to downgrade the application you want to restore. First, uninstall the apps that have updated in a way you don’t like. After that, connect your iPhone to the computer and open the iTunes application. At this point, simply click on the “App” item on the newly opened screen and drag the application that we want to downgrade, found in the “My downloads” section. Once the download has started, we will be asked to indicate which version of the App we want to install. All you have to do is mark the previous version and the game will be done.

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Prevent automatic updating of Apps on iPhone

At this point we just have to implement a little trick to avoid running into the same problem in the future. We access the iPhone settings screen from the Home of our device, select the “general” item and immediately after that ” update app in the background “, thanks to which we can manage or disable the automatic update of the applications installed on our iOS device.

How to stop apps from auto updating in Android

stop auto app update in Android

The situation, however, is different if you want to downgrade an? App to an Android device. In this case, in fact, the procedure to be followed is much faster and more intuitive. Even on a customizable and versatile system such as Android, however, you cannot always downgrade. Some apps provide files with the “.apk” extension of previous versions. In case you want to downgrade through the use of these files, you have to pay close attention to their origin since it often happens to come across files of this type containing harmful viruses and sometimes almost impossible to uninstall. To avoid this risk, we recommend installing older versions of the files in the? Format. Apk? as it is more difficult to insert viruses into obsolete files. With a little practice and care, therefore, you can always guarantee the best for your devices.

Prevent automatic updating of Apps on Android

In this case, we just have to implement a little trick to avoid running into the same problem in the future. To prevent automatic updates of the applications installed on your Android device, go to the Play Store in order to disable the function related to default updates. By accessing the menu, click on the three horizontal lines located at the top left. At this point, touch the “Settings” item, located at the bottom of the screen. Once this is done, just press the wording” Do not automatically update the apps “, to complete the action. The game is done: from now on then no App will update without your consent. I recommend keeping the alerts of new updates available so that you can manage the improvements you want to bring to your applications.

Calm down, don’t panic. Just a few steps and you will have downgraded your Apps.

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