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lacquer furniture

When you want to give your furniture a new look without spending a lot of money, one of the best options is to lacquer it. Lacquering furniture consists of painting them with enamel or lacquer paint, which is smooth and can be shiny or satin. Although industrial lacquering is perfect, lacquering your furniture at home can give it a rustic touch that looks great. If you dare to give a change to your furniture, in this article we tell you how to lacquer furniture.

How to lacquer furniture?

The first thing you should know about lacquering furniture is that there are two types of paint: water-based enamel and synthetic enamel (polyurethane). The former is easier to handle and clean and is more harmless. The second is more complicated to apply since the solvent is needed to dilute it and gives off an odor, although the finish is much more professional.

Before starting to lacquer your furniture it is recommended that you review every detail: any blow, scratch or damage that your furniture has is necessary to fix it since when you pass the lacquer paint you will immediately notice even the smallest trace. You can fix blemishes with wood pulp.

lacquer furniture

Before starting to lacquer the furniture you must make sure that it is clean and dry. If the furniture is made of wood, you must sand it before starting to lacquer, since it is necessary that the surface to be painted is completely smooth and free of imperfections.

The first thing you should do to start lacquering furniture is to apply the sealer base. The sealer base acts, as the name implies, sealing any holes that are not visible to the eye so that the wood does not absorb more paint than it should receive. The sealing base also offers a more impeccable finish when furniture is lacquered.

Just like when varnishing wood, after applying the sealer base you must sand the surface again. Gently sand the furniture you want to lacquer and remove any dust residue that may be left with a clean dry cloth.

With a roller, preferably special for lacquering, begin to apply the enamel-lacquer paint you have chosen. Always roll the roller in the same direction (from bottom to top). When you’re done painting the first coat, wait for it to dry, sand lightly, and wipe off the dust. Apply a second coat and wait for it to dry. Two coats should suffice if you want to apply more, always remember to sand between coats.

When you have finished applying the layers of paint and the furniture is dry, apply colorless wax with a brush. After applying the wax you can rub the furniture with a clean cloth to polish it and get a little shine.

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