Babu January 15, 2019

The growing offer of the best smartphone has made accessories appear on the market that complement their functionalities. And offer rationalization alternatives according to the owner’s lifestyle. Here we will show from our point of view, what are the 5 accessories that cannot be missing for your best smartphone:

Wireless hearing aids


Undoubtedly, high-fidelity headphones are a necessary complement to this type of cell phone. As they are increasingly used to listen to music, videos. And games with quality sound. Similarly, many people use their smartphones to practice sports.

Portable battery charger your best smartphone


Who has not had to make an urgent call and it has not been possible. Because the cell phone was downloaded. While the devices have improved their storage capacity. And reduced their consumption. It is still insufficient for people who use their features to the fullest. For this, portable universal batteries that can be easily carried in a pocket have come onto the market.

Design housings and screen protectors

How many devices have we seen with broken screens or scratched by a fall or excessive use? The advisable thing for the best smartphone is to buy housing. And a special screen protector for touch. Our recommended are Myto cases with unique. And original designs and high sensitivity 3M protectors.

High capacity MicroSD memories


These memories were the sensation in the last world congress of mobile. Because they allow storing until 128 GB that is translated in 17 hours of video in high definition, 7,500 songs, 3200 photos. And more than 125 applications. Currently, how much can your mobile store?

Smart watches


These watches fall into the category of “wearable”, a trend of devices to use in the body. They have their own electronic screen. And have the ability to connect to the internet. And other networks through Bluetooth. You can download applications and execute useful alternatives for work and health.

Our recommended is the Galaxy Gear 2. A version of the Samsung smartwatch that includes a 2-megapixel camera that records HD videos. Plus a heart rate monitor and infrared sensor that works as a remote control for the home.

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