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Local marketing ideas

SMEs and independent entrepreneurs face every day the lack of budget to get decent local marketing ideas. They live up to date and most of the time the money that arrives goes to the operation of the business, payment to suppliers, salaries, inventory, etc.

Those of us who are dedicated to marketing in this sector of companies, we must have clear priorities of our customers. Although we know that marketing is one of the best solutions that can drive any business to succeed, the strategies that we offer must be go directed to optimize budgets to the maximum, they must be very directed, to very specific targets and well segmented and must be in the short and medium term.

Well, after this brief reflection, what I really want is to leave you a list of marketing ideas that you can use on a very low budget, emphasizing that in order to generate more in your business it is INDISPENSABLE to “invest” in marketing.

Local marketing ideas

Here is a list of local marketing ideas with low budget:

  1. Make a list of all your possible clients, using the yellow section or the internet.
  2. Ask all your contacts: clients, friends, relatives, former bosses or colleagues, etc. the name of people and companies in which they can recommend you, but directly them.
  3. Prepare on your own computer a PowerPoint presentation of your services or products, if you do not know how to do it you can ask for help from children, friends or neighbors.
  4. Generate strategic alliances with other brands to promote your services or products.
  5. Search alliances between small businesses or between independent entrepreneurs with which you can complement services or products and generate synergy between both.
  6. Make exchanges with mass media so that they can promote your services or products in exchange for them.
  7. Ask for help from friends and family so that your acquaintances can spread your Brand. This kind of local marketing ideas is useful to apply.
  8. Telemarketing Call all your list of possible clients personally to offer your services or products.
  9. Visit all your past or inactive clients to remind them that you are still there.
  10. Training: You can offer courses in your area of expertise to expand your network of contacts.
  11. Enroll in a Chamber or Business Association such as COPARMEX, CANACO, etc. According to your type of business and work your public relations in them.
  12. Offer to give free conferences in different forums to expand your contacts and position your reputation more.
  13. Perform creative and well-segmented flyer campaigns; do not spread flyers like crazy.
  14. To each person to whom you give Business Cards, give them two and ask them to give one to whom they think they may be interested. This simple action has worked very well for me.
  15. Never go anywhere without business cards, or when you go on vacation.
  16. Let everyone know what you do: friends, family, neighbors, friends of your children, parents, school, etc. Everyone!
  17. Tap from door to door in places where your customers may be, to promote your services.
  18. Free tests if your product is not expensive, offer samples to your prospects.
  19. Networking Call your contacts and ask 3 people who may be interested in what you offer.
  20. Take a small piece of paper on the street. Make an announcement of your product or service. At the bottom, put your name and phone in small pieces that people can cut and take, and stick them in cafes, convenience stores, and phone booths.
  21. Create Agreements with tangible benefits for certain types of companies are attractive local marketing ideas. Say for example for the members of the Settlers’ Association, or for the families of your children’s school, etc.
  22. If you have a business in a plaza or on a commercial street, organize advertising with all the tenants in the nearby neighborhoods.
  23. Attend Fairs and Events of your business, once again to do public relations.
  24. Label your car with your company logo and phone or website.
  25. Place posters or brochures in strategic places, according to your market.
  26. Open a Facebook account and create a FanPage, invite your acquaintances and create a community in which you can promote your services or products.
  27. Open an account on Twitter, invite your acquaintances and go looking for people who may be interested in your services and products.
  28. Open an account on Linkedin, look for profiles that may be interested in your personal profile.
  29. Open a channel on YouTube, generate value through Video Marketing.
  30. Creating a Blog on WordPress.com is free and one of the best web tools to generate reputation and community. This can be your web page.
  31. Give away a subscription incentive from your Blog to get emails: an ebook, a catalog, a discount coupon, etc.
  32. Create email marketing campaigns with the emails subscribed to your blog and send a newsletter, invitations, congratulations, offers, promotions, liquidations, etc.
  33. Generate valuable information about your area of expertise according to your own abilities: videos, articles, podcast, etc.

End up with

As always, I hope that these local marketing ideas will be useful for you. Do you have more ideas? Share them with us …

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