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Samsung has switched things up with the Galaxy Tab S8 series. This is the first time that it has launched three new flagship tablets simultaneously, with users of gamblingmentor. On February 9, 2022, the company unveiled its Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+ and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablets.

Best Samsung Tablet – Spec monster: Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

There’s no denying the fact that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is one of the best Android tablets on the market. It’s also the largest and most feature-packed flagship tablet from Samsung yet. It has an absolutely bonkers 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This is also the first tablet from Samsung to feature a notched display, which allows for slimmer bezels.

Powering the tablet is Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset that has an integrated 5G modem. It’s paired with 8/12/16GB of RAM and 128/256/512GB internal storage. A big 11,200mAh battery powers the device and supports 45W wired fast charging.

Best Samsung Tablet – Productivity: Galaxy Tab S6

Much like its successor, the Galaxy Tab S6 was undoubtedly the best Android tablet to be released in 2019. It was also the first time that Samsung shipped its flagship tablet with the latest high-end chipset. Samsung initially released the LTE model only but later followed up with a separate 5G model.

The Galaxy Tab S6 also happened to be the first Samsung tablet to feature a dual camera setup at the back. Despite being a year old, it’s still one of the best Samsung tablets for its $729 price tag, and can often be purchased at a discount these days. That’s because it offers a better display than the base Galaxy Tab S7 and there’s really no significant difference in performance.

Best Samsung Tablet – Entertainment: Galaxy Tab S5e

Do you only need a tablet to watch Netflix, occasionally browse the internet and use social media apps? The Galaxy Tab S5e is the best option for you. Granted, all of this can also be done by the most basic of tablets, but there won’t be any frustrating performance issues with the Galaxy Tab S5e, and it can be used for playing games at best online casinos.

The $479 Galaxy Tab S5e was Samsung’s thinnest tablet when it came out, yet it got a beautiful metal build and a gorgeous 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display. You really can’t beat the quality of Samsung’s AMOLED display and watching video content on it is truly a visual delight. Rich sound is provided by its AKG-tuned quad speakers, making it a well-rounded device for chilling with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Best Samsung Tablet – S Pen on a budget: Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite earlier this year with the sole purpose of bringing the S Pen to the masses. Previously, one needed to purchase Samsung’s flagship tablet just to get the S Pen experience. With the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Samsung has significantly lowered that barrier of entry.

It still feels sufficiently premium thanks to its metal body. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite also has something that none of the tablets mentioned above have: a 3.5mm headphone jack. Don’t expect a gorgeous AMOLED panel, though, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has a 10.4-inch LCD display. The tablet isn’t suited to heavy workloads but if you don’t need that much power, at $429 it’s a great option for those who want the S Pen experience without breaking the bank. It’s often available for purchase online at a decent discount.

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