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Security in the Cloud

Deleting an iCloud account isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Your iCloud account is attached to your Apple ID and you can’t ditch one without losing the other, along with any other data, content or services associated with your Apple ID. This includes any photos, videos and documents stored in iCloud, messages and calls sent via iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud Mail, and access to apps like the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay and Find My iPhone.

You’ll see any Apple Store appointments and AppleCare support cases cancelled and account deletion is permanent, meaning you won’t be able to retrieve or restore your data later on if you change your mind. For this reason, it’s a good idea to back up your data beforehand. If you’re still interested in deleting your iCloud account and Apple ID, read on to learn how to do it. You can also scroll down to the Troubleshooting section of this guide to learn about account deactivation.

Before proceeding to delete iCloud account permanently, make sure to do the following curated by casinos online:

Back up file and data contents i.e. photos, videos, email, calendar events as well as iTunes and iBooks purchases before you delete iCloud Account.

Make sure to remove devices linked with Apple ID. Here’s how to do this:

Sign into your iCloud account at Apple.

Once you are already signed in, scroll down to the Devices section.

Click on the device image. A pop out window appears for each of the devices showing its details.

Scroll down and click on the Remove from Account.

Repeat process on each of the devices linked into your Apple ID.


Logged into your iCloud account at iCloud website

On the Manage Account section, clock on Go to your Apple ID account page.

Scroll down at the bottom to find Data & Privacy Section, now click on Manage your Privacy

Scroll down from the list of options to find Delete Your Account option.

Click on Delete Your Account

A Pop-window will then appear to select the reason for requesting to delete your account.

Apple will then remind you to review the Terms and Conditions for Deletion, put a check mark on the box to if you have read and agree to it.

Contact information will then be asked as to where status of account deletion request is to be sent. You must provide an alternate email and not the email add you are deleting the account. This can be done at online casinos too.

You will be provided with an access code that is unique in case you need to contact Apple Support to follow up on your request or to cancel the request for deletion.

The entire process for deleting your account can take up to 1 week, giving Apple ample some time to make sure that it is you the account holder is requesting the deletion of the account and not someone else. Apple still needs to verify that. Before the completion of the deletion process, your account is still active and you are still able to use it.

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