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You’d expect Microsoft to be capable of designing decent laptops, given that it’s the maker of Windows. And that’s where the best Microsoft Surface laptop range comes in to prove that point. But knowing which Surface to go for can be tricky, given they come in all shapes and sizes, which is where we’ve decided to step in. Our team of experts test plenty of Surface laptops every year, and from our extensive testing and reviews, top online casino real money have compiled this list of the very best, ranging from fantastic choices for content creators to dinkier options for those working on the go.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

The original Surface Laptop Go proved to be one of our favourite affordable and best budget laptops money could by, and the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 is a worthy successor. It retains the dinky frame of the original Surface Laptop Go, with it being noticeably more compact than rival laptops. Just because it’s smaller and cheaper than a lot of other laptops doesn’t mean it feels flimsy, and with its aluminium and polycarbonate composite resin we found the Surface Laptop Go 2 to feel sturdy, with only ultra-hard keyboard presses causing the chassis to flex. A weight of just over 1.1kg also means this is a light laptop, and therefore an excellent choice for those who need to quickly sling it into a bag

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

If it’s a 2-in-1 Surface you’re after, look no further than the fantastic Microsoft Surface Pro 8. With it, you’ll find small refinements compared to the Surface Pro 7, most noticeably with a smaller bezel around the screen which does help things to look a little more modern. It feels great with a well built frame that features no flex when pushed down and comes with a matted finish. There has also been some noticeable upgrades to the keyboard and stylus, with the former offering more responsible keys that features much less flex with a carbon fibre layer, while the stylus features a built-in haptic motor to mimic the real world tactility of a pencil on paper, which works, but not as well as more specialised drawing tablets. Gaming with this laptop at online casino will give you a great casino experience.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is the best Surface laptop out there for those who need a versatile device for creating content. This largely comes thanks to the fact it features a clever screen hinge, which allows the Surface Laptop Studio to be used as both a clamshell laptop and as a tablet, too. The fact you can pull the screen forward and clip it to the desk via magnets is especially clever, and means using it for drawing is a doddle. We also found the hinge itself to feel sturdy, and the general chassis of the Laptop Studio felt solid thanks to its all-metal build. The port selection proved to be a little stingy though, with only USB-Cs and a headphone jack present, alongside a Surface Connect port.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is a marvellous choice for those after a 13-inch Surface device. The 13-inch screen features a 2256×1504 resolution, which offers a much sharper panel than the more standard Full HD resolution other 13-inch laptops tend to feature. With it, we found the display to be vibrant, with 394 nits of measure brightness, as well as a 1373:1 contrast ratio. While other laptops may have a better contrast ratio, the one on the Surface Laptop 4 is still plenty to ensure colours will be punchy and pop nicely.

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