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importance of social skills at work

Social skills or interpersonal skills are those skills that we use daily to interact and communicate with other people through social networks and workplaces. These skills incorporate both verbal and non-verbal skills. In this article, we will see the 5 types and importance of social skills at work.

Why do employers value the importance of social skills at work?

Social skills are very important, which are key to being able to interact correctly with others. The vast majority of jobs need social skills. For example, if you work as a team, you need to get along with other people. If you work with a client, the same, you should listen to all your questions and concerns attentively.

importance of social skills at work

As I mentioned, social skills are very important nowadays. For this reason, employees look for these characteristics among their candidates. Therefore, it is vital that you show that you have social skills within your curriculum and in your interview.

Next, we will see a list with the five types and importance of social skills at work:


Empathy is one of the most important social skills because it is required to interact correctly with other people, being able to understand how others feel. Empathy is essential when dealing with clients who come with problems or questions. You should express concern for your problems, as well as help you solve them.

The cooperation

Cooperation is an important characteristic when working as a team where you will share time with other people to achieve a goal among all. Although, regardless of whether you work as a team or not, cooperation is something that is required for those occasions when you are asked to work together with other workers of the company.

Verbal and written communication

Verbal communication is the ability to express oneself clearly and concisely for others to understand. Strong verbal communication skills are required for those occasions where you communicate with other people by telephone or in person. Written communication is also very important, and obviously, that ability comes to light when writing a letter, email or through a presentation.


Listening is another very important communication skill which helps to interact correctly with others. You have to learn to listen carefully to what the employer says, to your colleagues and the employees. He must listen to all the concerns of his clients and express that he has understood. People often respond very well when they feel they are being heard.

Non-verbal communication

Nonverbal communication has the same importance as verbal communication. Through body language, facial expressions or eye contact, you can express that you are an empathetic person who listens attentively to other people.

How to show your social skills during a job search

The ideal method is to show that you have all those social skills throughout the process of job search. As a first step, you should make sure you can incorporate the words of social ability, which we speak in this article: Empathy, Cooperation, Verbal and written communication, Listening and non-verbal communication within your curriculum.

As a second place, it is advisable to use these words in the cover letter. You should mention one or two of the skills described in this article and provide some examples where you have used them.

As a third place, you can use these words in an interview. At least you should have an example where you used some of the five social skills. Each job may require different skills and experiences. So, I recommend that you read the job description well and concentrate on the skills that the employer lists.

Remember to use non-verbal communication that provides interest in your interview. Try to speak clearly and listen carefully to all the questions you clearly and listen carefully to all the questions you are asked. Showing such interpersonal skills in person is one of the best ways to convince an employer that you have what you are looking for.

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