Robi January 2, 2019

Managing email is very important. You receive dozens of messages a day and it is important to know Gmail tricks and secrets to organize it well. A messy inbox can negatively impact your work: appointments that are overlooked, urgent messages that you do not pay attention to, crucial information that you can not locate, etc.

AuthAdmin5097 December 22, 2018

If the idea of opening your own business has always attracted you but you do not know how to become a successful entrepreneur, here are some useful tips. Knowing how to become an entrepreneur and succeed is not as simple as it seems, not everyone is able to do it and there are many companies […]

Robi December 19, 2018

The most awaited mobile phone is already here, what we have been doing this year, and possibly what is left of it. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is already officially launched and comes loaded with surprises. As usually happens every year with the phones of this family, which are already a classic in the Android world. […]

Jhonney December 18, 2018

People have become accustomed to staying connected to the Internet for much of the day. Whether it could be from home, work or study center. Therefore it is important to choose the fastest and safest web browsers that suitable in terms of performance, security and flexibility. Next, we will show a list of the best […]

Madani December 18, 2018

To make a note about an important meeting or to record business information, mobile phones and tablets are most often used. But using modern gadgets is not always convenient and appropriate. For example, during business meetings, it is customary to make notes in notebooks and notebooks. Such office attributes give status and business look. However, […]

Robi December 17, 2018

The mobile phones increasingly offer us smarter to make life easier alternatives. Certainly, one of the best advances is the option of GPS that is built into these devices and allows us to get where you want quickly and without consulting third parties. To make it even easier, it is possible to share our location […]

Robi December 11, 2018

Do not see YouTube on your old Samsung Smart TV? We show you the solution. Consuming YouTube content on television is a common occurrence, especially those that include an optional system inside. You may have trouble doing this on a Samsung Smart TV that is old, but we will offer a possible solution for Install […]

Jhonney December 10, 2018

Just thinking about the first PlayStation Classic console to one shudder. An impulse that arises from the nostalgia of remembering an icon within the world of video games and that supposed a revolution in this industry. Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) launched on December 3 PlayStation Classic, a faithful reproduction of the original Sony […]

Robi December 9, 2018

Since the beginning of the era, social networks have been revolutionized by the changes in the algorithms of the main social networks, especially with the modifications carried out by Facebook, the social network with the largest number of registered accounts worldwide.

Marissa November 21, 2018

We understand marketing as the set of strategies that are carried out to enhance a certain product or service and strengthen the image of the brand in the market. Therefore, we can define Hotel Marketing. Hotel Marketing: a set of marketing strategies that are carried out to enhance and/or consolidate the position of a hotel.