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For a modern-day business, a website is one of the most important things you can have. Your business website can be a huge asset to your business, and making sure that it is well designed by a professional like this web design Gloucester based company is something that will pay off for you.

A website is much more to a business than many people think. Here are some of the things that will be a part of a website that is well designed…

Ease of Use – People need to be able to use the website and navigate around it with ease. If it is hard to find what they want on it, people are likely to look =elsewhere, so making sure that you have a website that is user friendly is really important, and a good reason to get a professional web designer to create it for you.

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Legally Compliant – When you have a business website that is UK based, then there are lots of legal requirements that your website must include. These include the registered business number if you have one, the registered company name, the address of the office that your business is registered to and your VAT number if you have one. You also should include consent on cookies and if you send out emails for marketing, the option to unsubscribe must be available to people.

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Optimised for SEO – Search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is a form of marketing that helps your business website to be found on Google when someone types into a search engine what they are looking for. Much of this work is done by ensuring that the website is optimised – for example, that you have relevant pages for areas that you cover and ensuring that H1 and H2 tags on the website are correct and relevant.

Containing all the Relevant Information – There is nothing more frustrating than looking online for something that you want and then not being able to find out the information about it that you need. The content on your website needs to be well thought out and relevant. However, it is also important to avoid having huge walls of text, as this can put people off.

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