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outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is a method of advertising very different from what we understand as traditional, but in recent years it has been gaining importance due to its effectiveness. Basically, it involves attracting the client to your website using some marketing tools (SEO, Adwords, Social Network, etc.). Offering content that interests you and engages you, and not working with more or less intrusive ads.

But to do this, it is necessary to be very clear about how outbound marketing works and follow the steps to turn a stranger into a repeat buyer of your website. We must also bear in mind that it will not give immediate results just as Outbound Marketing would do. But that in the medium and long term the benefits will be greater.

These are the four phases you have to follow to make your outbound marketing strategy work:


outbound marketing

The first thing you have to do is to get the ideal traffic level for your website.  Therefore, we should not blind ourselves to getting more traffic, since we care more about quality than quantity. Having many visits from people who are not within our target will not mean more clients, because they may not be interested in our content. To achieve our ideal traffic you have to work on three main points.


Many potential customers search for Google, so it is very important to be in a good position when a possible visit is looking for one of our keywords. It is also important to have specific and specific keywords for each business because this will make all of our visits to like our content more easily.

Blogging or content Outbound marketing

outbound marketing strategy

One of the most important parts of outbound marketing is the creation of content. An interesting and attractive content will make your target visit your website to solve doubts or problems you have or even just visited to entertain, because there are articles on your blog that are interesting.

Social Media

top outbound marketing

Once we have created the content we cannot stand and wait for the visits to arrive without further ado. We have to share it in the networks so that our followers can see it. At the same time we will have to be very active and share a content that our Buyer Person finds interesting and can come to share, acting as our prescribe, and therefore amplifying our marketing messages.


We have implemented our strategy to attract our target and we have achieved traffic, what do we do now? We need to convert these visitors into leads or buyers, for this we need at least to capture some of their contact data. To get the data we have to give our visit something in return, for example using a landing page where you offer something of value, such as accessing some content or premium service, in exchange for filling out a small form with your personal data. With this email and this name, you get a new lead and from there you can start to impact through email marketing and more personalized content.


Once you have some leads in the database of your company you have to start making email marketing as personalized as possible for your future clients. This can be done by segmenting your leads into lists depending on your preferences or characteristics. Then you will have to follow what type of leads are those that interact most positively with your advertising and so you can improve your strategy for capturing leads. In this period is where leads will start to become customers who will buy your products or services.


outbound marketing strategy

As we have seen, the process from the moment a customer arrives to our website until they purchase can be long and expensive. We cannot repeat the process every time we want to sell, but we have to make our client buy again and even act as an ambassador of our website to other customers. To make our customer buy again we have to offer a good post-purchase experience. For example, you can offer a discount via email marketing to all customers who have previously purchased on our website to do it again. We must also keep you informed of all the news of our company, both new products and services that can make you buy again.

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