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Influence marketing meaning is one of the social media trends that is the biggest headache for advertisers. Knowing what types of influences to choose. The type of campaign or how to measure results are just some of the difficulties that many brands face. when they consider implementing an influence marketing meaning action.

According to the Marketing Study of Influences in USA, 2019 , 95% of brands that work with influences regularly. Plans to increase their investment in this type of actions this year.

Throughout time there is a strategy that has always worked: that of linking your brand to those people that your target audience admires . It happened in the times in which we only reported through the press and the radio. It happened in the days when television was the queen of the world and happens in the era of digital and social networks. But now those people we call  influences and marketing discipline that addresses work with them, influence  marketing meaning or influence marketing .

In the blog we talked to you some time ago about how to give visibility to your brand with influences. However, it is not always easy to recognize which are the ideal profiles for your influence marketing meaning campaign. That is why in this article we are going to tell you some tips that you should take into account when starting your marketing strategy with influences.

Your goals mark the type of influences you need

Influencer marketing meaning

Once you have decided to bet on a digital influences strategy for your brand. You should know that not all are equal, that they do not have the same target, nor do they occupy the same communicative territories. Hence, the  recruitment of influences is one of the key elements in your strategy. The first thing you should ask yourself is what objective do you seek with your campaign:

Notoriety. If you have a broad target and what you need is for your product to be recognized by as many people as possible. Then your strategy may need more generalist influences with a large fan base in your community. They are called influences  and tend to be  influences of fashion, lifestyle or video games, mainly.

Interaction. When it comes to reaching a specific audience, more than niche, most likely your influences marketing meaning needs profiles with less followers. But much more focused on your business area. Those known as micro influences  that can appear in any field: advertising, health, employment, kitchen, etc.

A little of the two. If your campaign needs a broad coverage and a high level of interaction. You may have to think of a hybrid strategy that includes large  influences  with smaller ones. But with a high capacity of prescription on their followers.

How to choose the perfect influence marketing meaning for your brand

the Influencer marketing meaning

There are many types of influences , but not all are suitable for your brand. Therefore, before choosing yours, there are some questions that you can not stop responding to:

What are your communicative territories? It seems obvious, but check that the organic content that your influence’s tend to publish in favor of your brand is absolutely necessary. Before initiating a collaboration of this kind. Finding ambassadors for your brand is not always a simple task, but finding them is one of the main factors in achieving success.

And his communication tone?  In the same way, it is very important to find  influences  that share the same way of telling things with your brand. If you have a fresh, fun and spontaneous brand, the ideal is that your  influences  are too.

In what networks are they stronger? Not all  influences  are the same, nor all social networks either. Your campaign will vary greatly depending on whether you prefer your campaign live on YouTube, on Instagram or on Twitter, for example. There are some who have become so well known that their followers count by hundreds of thousands in all their social networks. But it is not the most usual.

What is the level of interaction with your followers? Check the level of interaction of the  influences with their audience. Sometimes, hiring profiles with many followers does not guarantee that a campaign works that you expected. That is why it is important to verify that your followers are truly faithful.

What percentage of dormant, inactive or false followers do they have? Linked to the above, sometimes the lack of interactions may be due to the fact that followers have a high percentage of inactive followers. The  bots  that we have talked about are once the order of the day in social networks. And some  influences can have their profiles full of false followers.

Do you do campaigns with other brands? Although it is not yet a 100% professionalized activity, there are more and more brands looking for  influences in their campaigns. That is why it is very interesting to know if the ones you have chosen have already worked for other brands. If they have done it for the competition and what kind of collaborations they usually do.

How much do they charge for publication?  In influence marketing there are no established prices. Each influence has its own rates and it can happen that profiles with a similar number of followers charge totally different prices for the same publication. Comparing them can be a good way to save resources.

Influence marketing and how to measure results

discover Influencer marketing meaning

As always, after an action the most important thing is to measure the results of your marketing meaning with influences. In the influences marketing , many times, the only way we have to know if working with influences is as beneficial as would be expected for our brand is trying to do it. What indicators should we take into account to know if our strategy has worked?

Scope of publications. Although some formulas and tools that estimate the scope of the publication of an influence. You can only know it exactly with the help of the influence himself . On many occasions when a collaboration agreement is signed. It is established that they must deliver a receipt of scope, impressions, etc. of the publications.

Interactions. Many times the followers of the  influences know what is and what is not advertising. And sometimes, their interaction ratios drop when it comes to sponsored content. One way to measure the effectiveness of your message is to compare the interactions of your paid publication with those usually published by the influence.

Custom UTMs. If you use links with custom UTMs by  influence. You can get first-hand information about which ones have brought the most traffic to your website. This can be a good indicator to return to work with him or not.

Discount codes. If you give an exclusive discount code to each  influence  of your campaign. You can also measure which one has the most sales.

Hashtags. Another way to know the impact of your campaign is through tools that measure the diffusion of a hashtag. With them you will be able to put in context the vitality of your action with influences and measure not only the reach of your tweets and those of your influences. But also those of the rest of the users of the network.

If after all this, you need to create an influences marketing campaign   for your brand but you are still not sure how to do it. Get in  touch and our team of experts will propose influence marketing meaning tailored to your brand and your goals.

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