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fashion sector

Digital marketing in the fashion sector– Fashion is one of the most present sectors on the internet. Fashion e-commerce leads the online sales ranking in the USA, with 47% of buyers.

How to position yourself in this saturated and competitive market? Techniques such as Inbound Marketing have come to the sector to revolutionize the way of communicating fashion. We invite you to follow these guidelines to adapt to new consumer trends and get more customers.

The fear of brands to digital marketing in the fashion sector

digital marketing in the fashion sector

While some are excited about the possibility of having the luxury of being able to join this industry through networks. Others express their fear of this efficacious or n and the limited exclusivity that gives the digital medium.

Oscar de la Rental made history in the field of communication. The marketing in the fashion industry when he launched one of his campaigns as winter in social networks.

Before sharing his collection with the media and fashion publications m to s important in the world such as Vogue. She decided to share with their followers directly. It was so, as today give a step m to s toward democratization or n fashion.

Take advantage TV channel

Multichannel in the fashion sector is becoming increasingly important. Keep in mind that searches are no longer done only through a desktop computer. But the mobile phone is gaining a lot of prominence in recent years.

The creation of an application can be a determining factor when it comes to securing the buyer. In addition, all types of offers can be sent through the APP and offer the consumer an additional service.

Use Inbound Marketing

the fashion sector

The creation of the content of interest to attract the client in a non-invasive way responds to changes in consumer behavior. A new paradigm that is still seen more clearly in the fashion sector. The fashion consumer stops being a passive receiver and investigates more and more. The amount of fashion blogs and trends that populate the internet is a perfect example of this.

Content remains the cornerstone of Inbound Marketing: the creation of content framed within a corporate blog will improve SEO positioning while attracting to our website many users who are interested in the type of products we sell.

In this sense, it should be noted that in the fashion sector, the video is one of the formats that work best. The multimedia lookbook, showing the ins and outs of the backstage, a ‘making-of’ of the parade, the photo shoot. Or an interview with the designer or influence who is the brand’s ambassador will increase the perceived value, as well as being a great attraction in social networks.

In addition, creating exclusive or downloadable content is an ideal way to expand our database to maintain contact with users. And know them better or establish direct marketing strategies. What can we offer? Access to private sales, to events such as parades, discounts for subscribing to the newsletter or access to other valuable content.

The fashion sector also offers us the possibility of giving a call to action or call-to-action. In addition to using them to provide content. We can insert them in the blog to establish segmentation and more easily take users to the products we are talking about. For example, if you write a post about ‘The best looks to go to the beach’, invite them with a CTA to visit your hats section.

Enhancement of Social Commerce

best fashion sector

If we have to choose the most popular social network for the fashion industry, right now it’s Instagram. Since it’s the one that works best between influences and fashionistas. With the incorporation of Instagram Shopping, which allows you to tag products, display prices and refer to the sales website to complete the transaction. The path that goes from the user seeing the product in networks to the online shopping cart accelerates.

On the other hand, social networks are the perfect platform to go beyond pure and simple advertising and give a much closer version of the brand.

In your Inbound strategy do not forget the networks. They will allow you to create community, increase traffic and are an excellent customer service channel. And providing feedback that will indicate which products work best or how to improve the shopping experience. In order to increase sales based on the indications of your own customers.

Use  the recommendations of influences

Fashion influences are the messiahs of the sector. Many gather a large community of followers who are looking forward to their publications and their new outfits. Working hand in hand with influences we give users greater credibility and confidence when buying in our eCommerce.

It is necessary to identify bloggers from the sector who have a real influence on their followers. Establish with them a Link Building strategy to improve SEO off -page. Another way to attract traffic to our website is to establish a section of periodic publication on our blog, signed by someone with influence in the sector. This is responsible for publishing this collaboration on their social networks.

Customization of the purchase

discover fashion sector

Many eCommerce of the fashion sector offer the user the possibility of personalizing the products. In some cases there is an opportunity to design or customize the garment, changing colors, details or including a dedication or registration.

Through this type of behavior, we are giving the consumer the opportunity to be themselves who define their own tendencies.

There are many successful cases of this type of e-commerce since you are providing extra value to the user. And making him feel a protagonist from the first moment he enters the online store.

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