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Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are highly anticipated days for users and key to multiply sales of your business. According to data from USA press , ‘Black Friday’ will generate 1,300 million dollars this year in ‘online’ sales, which represents an increase of 13% compared to 2019.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare and plan the campaign of your e-Commerce for the dates. We tell you the 5 rules to create your Black Friday campaign successfully.

Black Friday plan your campaign with time

Black Friday plan

It is essential that you plan your campaign with time to get the best performance. If you count in advance to prepare the actions that you will carry out, you can pay attention to the small details. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and obtain greater results.

Define your offers and try to combine different types of actions, such as launching your offers weeks before the arrival of Black Friday. The strategies for these dates are increasingly elaborate. And not planning them will make your e-Commerce not interesting for the user.

Prepare cart abandonment emails

Black Friday campaign

According to data from V Global, the average number of cart abandonment in USA is around 91.65%, while the rate for specialized retailers (niche) drops to 60.97%. However, these customers who abandon the cart, are at a much more advanced point of the Customer Journey. Since they have shown prior interest in your store. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to recover abandoned carts is the automation of email marketing campaigns. With campaigns of automation of emails for abandoned carts you can recover up to 6.1% of lost customers.

It is important that in your cart abandonment email you work on the content and calls to action (CTA’s). A creative copy and a striking CTA button attracts the attention of users and gets them to return to the web to continue searching for products that they abandoned. As for example, in the case of Urban Outfitters. Where we can see the use of striking colors adapted to the image of the brand.

Prepare your server to multiply your traffic by 3 or 4

You must be clear that during these days the traffic of your website will be multiplied. It is essential, then, to optimize. And properly size the servers and the connectivity of your hosting environment. Because if your online store falls, users will leave without being able to place the order.

Once you have planned the campaign and the actions to be carried out, put the platform to the test. And make the necessary adjustments to adapt it to the dates.

Weekend and Cyber ​​Monday

discover Black Friday campaign

Remember that your campaign does not end on Friday. But it continues over the weekend and ends on Monday with Cyber ​​Monday. It prepares different offers for the weekend and offers innovative arguments to the users so that they launch themselves to buy also during these days.

However, save yourself some surprise in your offers for Cyber ​​Monday. With it, end the days of discounts and you can get even more sales in your shop.

Use your Social Networks

Social networks are an excellent platform to communicate. Generate excitement on your social networks by announcing what you will offer during the Black Friday campaign. Use elaborate images that draw the user’s attention and generate interaction. So you will manage traffic to your website and create your customers’ needs before starting the campaign.

In addition, investing in advertising on social networks will help you achieve more reach. As it is an affordable way to attract more users, and can segment those that are of interest.

What does it mean to sell in the Marketplace?

the Black Friday campaign

The Marketplace term refers to a place where sellers and buyers meet to conduct a transaction safely and protected by the sales platform.

Nowadays, the internet plays a key role in the growth of exchanges. Because it allows to bring together in one place two entities that want to carry out a commercial action. How it all started?

The precursor in this area an American e-commerce company initially specialized in the sale of books. The company proposed from 2000 a new sales system through its online store: sell any product that we want through its online store, in exchange for a commission on the items sold.

It is a sales model that has worked, not in vain Amazon leads e-commerce in most countries where it is operational. And that has made other large electronic stores have opened the Marketplace model also in their online stores. Both pure online players, like Calando in fashion, as traditional retailers that also have a lot of online traffic. Such as FNAC, Carrefour or El Corte Ingles.

The Marketplace model also works in other parts of the world such as Japan, where Rakutenchi is the leader, or China where Tall leads the market in leading brands.

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