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Businesses can be risky propositions. Whether you provide a service to a client or provide products for discerning customers, there can always be risks from potential data losses to thefts and even trouble from your customers. Protecting yourself and your business needs to be a top priority for any business owner, and these are our top tips for a more secure business.

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Have A Code of Conduct

Every business with employees should have a code of conduct. A code of conduct expresses the values your business believes are important and the behaviours you want your employees to have. It’s an important reference for employees to know what to do with important documents, how to conduct services, and how to handle any potential safeguarding breaches. If there are any risks to your business security, a well-written code of conduct should let your employees know what they should do.

Schedule Some One-on-One Time With Your Shredder

You might have the most powerful virus protection known to man on your computer, but that won’t be much help with paper documents. Anything you have on paper might have personal information for your customers, employees, or the business in general. Ensure you have a regular schedule for shredding any documents that identity thieves might want to get their hands on.

Ensure Good Security

It’s best to have security in place before you find your good filing cabinet has been kidnapped. Make sure that all doors, windows, and storage areas have their own locks and keys are kept close by in a safe and secure location. A powerful audio alarm will deter any thieves, and good lighting will keep away ne’er-do-wells and keep employees feeling safe.

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Schedule Regular Audits

Pull out those PDF to Excel budget tables and give yourself over to a regular audit. Check through all documents kept by your employees on paper or electronically on computers and workplace tablets. You’ll be able to assess each year where security is working or where weaknesses could bite you in the future.

Have Emergency Plans

Do you know what to do in the case of a fire? Do your employees know? Safety plans and instructions for what employees and customers should do in case of emergencies such as fire, robberies, or accidents and injuries need to be known and displayed.

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