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With climate change very much in the news, more people are becoming aware of their impact upon the environment. If you are on the move, you can choose an eco-friendly home that doesn’t cost the earth.

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Check whether the loft is insulated

Insulating a home is a great way to lower your energy use. If you are searching for a property, you would expect the loft to be insulated. Most modern homes are insulated; however, it can come sometimes come as a surprise to see that a loft is not insulated and you may want to factor this into your offer.

Is there underfloor heating?

Radiators are not as energy-efficient as underfloor heating. Many new-builds come with contemporary underfloor heating as standard. There is also the safety aspect, as you won’t have to worry about children burning their hands on hot radiators.

Check the energy efficiency of the property

New homes are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. When buying a new property, the seller is obliged to provide the buyer with an Energy Performance Certificate that outlines – on a scale of A to G – the performance in terms of energy efficiency. An A-ranked property is very efficient, while F and G should be avoided.

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Light up with solar panels

Solar panels have recently become more in vogue, with using them as a renewable energy source meaning greener living. Solar panels are attractive from a buyer’s perspective thanks to lower energy bills. Boyzone singer Ronan Keating and Australian designer Storm purchased an eco-home on the outskirts of London in May 2016 with a range of green measures such as solar panels.

Look for draughts in the property

When viewing homes, look for cold breezes and gaps around the window frames, check the fireplaces, and be aware of possible poor insulation. These are red flags, but they are always fixable.

Double glazing should be in place

Double glazing should be installed in any new home. Newly-built homes will have double glazing as standard, but older homes may still be single-glazed and will require an upgrade, which will be another cost to factor in.

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