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popcorn time alternative

The fall of Popcorn Time is not the end of the media centre to watch series and movies in streaming. There is Popcorn Time alternative, and here we present the most interesting and stable.

Popcorn Time alternative

Many fans of television series and fashion movies found their earthly paradise (or digital) in Popcorn Time: an application to stream their favourite content at the rate of American broadcast, which also allowed us to add our own subtitles, and Use external players to watch the series and movies of our choice. And all this without waiting for them to download, through connections to torrents, or withstand annoying advertisements. However, Popcorn Time may stop working, but that does not mean that we have no alternatives to update our favourite series. Continue reading: MyDownloadtube

Other programs allow us to watch movies and series online for free, just as we did with Popcorn Time, without the intrusive and annoying advertising of other services such as Pordede and its alternatives. And with the option of using them on television via Chromecast, Android TV or Apple TV. Here are some download options that might interest you. (and on Mac ) is everything that Popcorn Time fans miss: a media centre that offers quality streaming of original versions of fashion series and with their corresponding subtitles … In addition, it includes other sections such as movies or TV channels and YouTube.

Like Popcorn Time, also allows us to connect with our account, to continue automatically keeping track of the chapters we see and those we still have to watch, and the time we have spent watching series ( 9,265 episodes my Chiva, something that seems exaggerated, but I have not even introduced childhood or Spanish series).

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The Russian Zone application offers, besides movies and series such as Popcorn Time, music, video games, radio stations and television channels. On its website, they boast a catalogue of 90,000 films and 10,000 series. It presents a clean interface, just like the rest of the programs that imitate Popcorn Time and yes, to access some of its contents we will need to be registered in the social network


For those who spent hours on the Popcorn Time Anime tab, Waifu can become your new best friend. If Crunchyroll does not give you everything you want, and you prefer an application in which to find anime news, instead of doing webcasts (with all the annoying advertising that is usually accompanied), Waifu is your program. With a style similar to the rest of the clients on this list, but focusing on Japanese animated series content, it includes high resolutions and subtitles in several languages, although an expandable catalog.

As the last option, we present the latest replica of Popcorn Time (the newest and which remains stable). It is a beta application based on the original program that, like this one, is called Popcorn Time and allows us to play movies and series almost instantly without downloading heavy files, all via streaming (available for Mac). After the disappearance of, the most complete clone is this, formerly known as Time4Popcorn.

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Pordede was a popular website to watch series and movies that worked great … While it lasted. His relief was taken by Plusdede, who would finally suffer the same fate. Behind them, Megadede arrives to fill its void and does so by offering the same or more movies and series than its predecessors, complete content and version tracking system for Windows but also for mobile and web operating systems.

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Popcorn Time does not work, what other options do I have?

If you regularly use Popcorn Time to follow those captive series such as Stranger Things or Game of Thrones, the new Westworld season or the last chapters of The Walking Dead and stop working well. Say goodbye and say hello to other options. There are several desktop programs that provide you with a similar service so you don’t lose the thread of that series you are watching.

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