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DU recorder

What is Du Screen Recorder? In this article, we will see this free du recorder APK application for Android that allows us to record the screen of our mobile phone easily. It can be used perfectly in most versions of Android and in this tutorial, we tell you how to use DU recorder.

It is one application flagged within this application to record advisable. One thing that highlights this application is undoubtedly the quality with which I achieve the resulting videos. Some disadvantages with other applications are that it does not allow the recording of the internal audio with the latest versions of this application it is possible to do it so it is perfect both in the image and in sound.

How to use DU recorder?

In this section, we will see some general settings that will allow us to define how we want the recording. And as we say, they offer excellent quality in what is the final product. DU Recorder has multiple configurations. We will see some of them, for which to access, we must press the gear icon that can be found in the upper right corner when starting the application.

Video settings

The first section of them is the video resolution in which we can choose between multiple video resolutions ranging from 1080p that would be a high definition to a much simpler definition of 240p. The range of video resolutions song 1080p, 720p, 540p, 480p, 360p, 240p.

As always commented on our website is that at higher resolution, we will have a final product of greater weight just as it will look much better with a more precise definition. The next section that we can see in the configuration is the video quality. In which we can choose the number of megabytes per second is the video transfer speed. It is best to leave it in the default option, but we want something very specific.

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In the next section, we will be able to choose the frames per second, this being a frequency of the number of frames that it will take per second. If we do not want to complicate our lives in this section, we can select the automatic option and so the generic configuration performs the same.

DU recorder


The next section that is very interesting is the option to record audio. Many users like to know the ways of recording both internal and external audio. This section becomes very interesting, especially when we are recording a tutorial or gameplay since we want to record both our voice and the internal sound that is being produced.

With Du Recorder, both internal and external audio is recorded exceptionally with regard to volume. The next section is the location of the video, where we will select the directory in which we want our recordings to be stored.

This application makes a difference regarding others because of what we can store our videos directly on the SD card since sometimes depending on the mobile device. The internal memory may be short. An additional detail to this functionality is that it shows the time that we have or the time free to make recordings with the configuration that you have selected for the application.

The option of inverting the color makes a change between colors. This option is usually unnecessary. It is only interesting to use it for specific cases.

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Control settings

The next point in the control configuration is what will allow us to hide the recording window when making the recording itself and in that case, only use the notification bar to control it. In this way, a cleaner recording is left and not with the icons that the application itself controls next to the one we select.

Shaking the phone to stop the recording will allow us to stop the recording without having to click directly on the menu icon to stop it, this is very interesting since when we start or stop recording, we do not want these parts to be seen.

The countdown the time that will begin when you record so that the screen can see that countdown begins in the time that we indicate in this section.

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Video and photo editing tools

As a first item, we can find the camera that will allow you to make a record of the image that is produced when activating the front camera of your mobile device, so sometimes, as in tutorials and gameplays, it can be very interesting.

The brush option allows you to make graphics on the screen that were registered in the video, has different options on how to insert a screenshot, select the color to write on the screen to highlight, etc.

An option that is particularly liked is to show touches in which, as we click on the screen to do any type of tutoring, the recording will record a graphic showing where we have pressed on the touch screen. In addition to all the configurations we have seen, it also has a set of tools.

The different tools we can find are to edit video, merge videos, video for gif, transfer via Wi-Fi, edit the image, join images. To highlight is the part of video editing in which it makes it easy for us to make cuts that we have selected. This option can also add other videos so we can make videos in parts and then join them all with this function.

It has two general sections in which we can see directly, without leaving the application, the screenshots that we have and the videos we have been recording in a multimedia library.

Download and Install DU Recorder on Android for FREE

DU Recorder is a free application for Android mobile that will allow us to reference the article the record of what happens on the screen of our mobile to record a video. To download this application, we go to the official Google Play repository and in the box look for the words DU Recorder

DU recorder

Once we are shown on the screen, we will click on the install button. This is an application that barely takes up disk space, without reaching 3 megabytes of weight, which makes an application light and with great functionality.

The application, while we have it open, creates a bubble that remains superimposed on the mobile screen and that we can move if we wish. If we click on this icon, the different options are opened, such as:

  • That of a direct video recording
  • The general configuration section
  • The section offers direct access to the box recording tools that allow us to activate the screenshot, camera, hospital, gif recorder, watermarks in a simple and fast way.
  • And a live streaming functionality.

If we want to remove the DU Recorder bubble from the screen, we press and hold it on the screen and draw it over the blade that is generated to eliminate said shortcut temporarily. It is possible to say that with this, we will not be deleting the application but the bubble that remains for the recording.

How to record a video with DU Recorder

Initially, we have seen how to make the configuration in DU Recorder. This is a very important point so we can obtain a video with the characteristics that we need, which is why it has been seen in advance. The process to record a video with DU Recorder is a not too complex process and that we tell you below. To do this, once we have the installation of the application done, we must execute it.

On printed on the screen of our mobile and being inside the application, the bubble will be shown in one part of the display of our mobile. We will click on the same bubble and select the red circular button to start our recording. If we have configured the countdown section, it will start a countdown of the seconds we have shown to start the recording.

In addition, a warning appears that the application will start capturing everything that appears on the screen; we select the Start now option. To stop the video or to pause it, we will press on the bubble and apply the corresponding icon to that action. During the recording process, we can also use tools to insert graphics as an option in the same bubble. As you can see, capture a video with DU Recorder simple.

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