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There are many marketing directors who wonder how to choose online media agency. Advertising in third-party channels is growing. More and more advertisers are opting for this field, in which it is possible to make a detailed adjustment in the campaigns and generate accurate data on the impact and results. However, the choice of the team of professionals who must take charge of campaigns in means of payment is not always easy.

Although, a prior, it might seem that any digital agency is able to perform a good job in paid media. The truth is that there are many factors that determine. The value of one marketing service provider versus another . Especially in one area, that of performance marketing, in which technological. And analytical factors have a great influence on the optimal conception and development of SEM, Social Ads and digital media campaigns.

How to choose online media agency can be difficult, even tedious. If you do not take into account different values ​​that make one agency stand out over another. Especially if we take into account the great offer that exists today for this type of advertising services. To begin, you can look at the rankings . For example. Beginning with the rankings may be a good idea. Although there is no absolute truth when it comes to advising on how to choose a media agency. But if you are looking for a provider to launch campaigns in third-party media. At least you must take into account that it complies with these characteristics.

Tips to choose online media agency

Specialization and experience

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Choose an agency with proven experience in paid media services. Which can provide practical cases for heavy clients. In your credentials you will be able to appreciate its trajectory and the various success cases carried out. Always ask for references on these aspects before continuing with the decision-making process.  A marketing performance agency with extensive experience in marketing campaigns in search engines. And social ads, as well as in the planning and purchase of media. Not in vain, was born 12 years ago focused, precisely, in the marketing of results.

Knowledge of the sector

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Just as the chosen online media agency must know the discipline to which the service itself refers. It is also important that you have knowledge of the sector. Either because of your experience working with clients in the same area or similar.  Either because they have carried out pectoral and competitive studies. Because they have an optimized method to familiarize themselves promptly with a specific sector that becomes tangible in the presentation of their proposal.

The knowledge of the sector is acquired working in any of the areas of marketing. Not only in the specific service. Fact that must be taken into account to determine how to choose online media agency. Only with a global vision of your market is it possible to have that strategic vision that. In addition, will work in consonance with the actions and campaigns in other areas. Such as social media marketing or SEO positioning.

Technology and tools

We have to make sure that the paid online media agency has the technological means appropriate to the market requirements at the moment. As well as that it has advanced tools and knows how they work. Analytics and DATA are disciplines that are inextricably linked to the optimal performance of campaigns in means of payment. And both require a technology that should be well known by the professionals who manage our account.

Qualified professionals

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In line with the above, the qualification of the staff is another important condition. If we want to determine how to choose online media agency. Since an advanced technology, by itself, is nothing if it does not have trained professionals to optimize its performance. In that sense, advertisers must attend the profiles that make up the paid media team . We must bear in mind that the current reality, in digital advertising, requires not only knowledge of marketing. But also of mathematical minds and with engineering knowledge that can analyze and interpret data. In this sense, the team that manages our accounts must have profiles of data analysts and engineers.

Adaptation and avaunt-grade

In a market marked by the big Internet, the rapid technological evolution and the proliferation of new tools. And functionalities makes it necessary to always stay at the forefront, through constant information and continuous adaptation. That is why you should choose a paid online media agency with the ability to adapt to changes and understand and integrate technological developments. Since our foundation. At we have defined ourselves as a marketing agency that helps brands succeed in a constantly changing digital world. To know how to choose online media agency, always ask about the tools that are used. And how the most advanced technology is being applied.

Independent agency

Although it may seem that a large or multinational agency is, a prior. the best choice, the truth is that it is better to bet on independent agencies, of medium size, as they are those that provide all their resources. Regardless of the type of client to whom Serve In the case of large corporations.  So that the rest of advertisers can be underestimated by offering them a generic service, more careless and with the worst resources.

Since a smaller organization makes possible a daily contact and personalized attention. Much more important, if possible, in a very dynamic area. And a joint follow-up is necessary for a proper continuous optimization.

International reach

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Finally, there are many advertisers who want to start campaigns in foreign media or countries. Either because they are multinationals or because they have detected opportunities in a foreign market. In that case, you should make sure to choose a paid online media agency with international reach. But how can we find it if we have ruled out contracting the services of a multinational agency? For example, we are part of important international networks of independent agencies. Which allow us to operate in 30 markets around the world. Always with the support and knowledge of local professionals. After these tips, we hope we have helped you discover how to choose online media agency.

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