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best tablet to read books

It’s no news to anyone that technology has come, but the truth is you know that it’s already here to stay. In this article, we will highlight the fact of the best tablet to read books. Over time, we have realized how important it is for us to get where we came from: before, where the human being had only the mission of surviving on the planet hunting and defending himself. It was estimated that the average lifetime of each one did not exceed 20 years. Today, after thousands and thousands of years, as well as an evolution that soon took over us, our life expectancy is in more than eighty years.

And all this was propitiated with the eagerness of the human being to be able to reason and seek methods to grow, whether these methods are very orthodox. We know very well that the human being, during his history, always wanted to show his domination before the equals. Not much has changed today. However, the technological breakthrough is undeniable.

Who would have thought we would be almost out of the zone of influence of the Sun today because of the Voyagers twin spacecraft? Yeah. The funny thing is, many space achievements directly reflect the technologies we use here. That is, if you use your smartphone today, thank the military, civilian, and spatial polls that proposed that moment.

best tablet to read books

Using the best tablet to read books

Speaking of a smartphone, we cannot deny that it is one of the biggest dividers right now, is not it? It goes without saying that virtually anything that can be replaced by a processor and a screen will be replaced. This is the case, for example, of physical books, which are gradually disappearing the bookstores around the planet.

But if you want to get into this wave, do you know the best tablet to read books from your favorite publications? Not? So, come with us here and find out which is the best device for you to read that exciting novel in a practical and, of course, technological way.

best tablet to read books

The Tablet

The tablet is an electronic device, equipped with a screen that can be from seven to ten inches, with a touch screen, which allows its owner to perform various tasks, from those that need the internet, as well as those activities that can be made offline. Although a lot of people put the tablet as an invention of the 2010s, the first tablets emerged during the 1990s.

In that decade, which many American consider to be the best, several companies had already introduced devices that had the principles of a tablet: HP and Apple launched notebook-like devices that had a touchscreen (but touch of a special pen) and that it had some interesting functions, like an agenda, for example).

But it was in 2010 that, at the hands of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, is that the world was introduced to the modern version of tablets: the iPad came to market and, more than that, dictated a trend that was adopted by virtually every electronics company in the world.

The iPad had as the flagship the possibility of accessing several online magazines around the world, making its user to save money and also help the environment by avoiding to consume magazines that are made using paper extracted from the trees. With this possibility open, several fans were conquered and crowded Apple stores on the official day of the launch of the device. Many even feared the end of the iPhone, which was also the pioneering smartphone that launched and still launches trends in the electronics industry.

best tablet to read books

However, Industry…

What many people did not expect is that the boom practiced by tablets would fall sharply. Many bets that the device would fatally end up with the conventional desktop computers. But the opposite movement is what happened: tablets lost a lot of space for smartphones, which reached sizes similar to those of the tablet, and also began to have a greater processing capacity, which rejected the existence of the larger devices. The tablets are still on sale but are no longer synonymous with profit for a long time.

Although tablets are still purchased to serve as digital file readers, many people question whether this is the ideal model for reading books. And we already advance: no, it is not. Check out the best tablet to read books.

best tablet to read books

The E-reader

Sales of tablets have dropped, but those of e-readers, which are the digital players, do not stop rising. And the pioneer with this idea was mega-entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. Amazon is also the pioneer of internet sales. Starting in the 1990s, when the internet crawled around the world, today it is the benchmark in online commerce, having started in this area with the online sale of books.

best tablet to read books

The Kindle

After a time, in which the business only grew, Bezos imagined that, in a short time, the physical books would cease to exist, giving space to a more technological device. With that, he asked Amazon to create an electronic device that had the ability to store several literary works and could give a more real experience to its users. And so the famous Kindle was born.

The Kindle is characterized as a tablet, with seven inches, but with more restricted access to the internet. With several storage possibilities, the unit that is best sold is 2GB capacity, in which more than two thousand titles can be housed with this memory. This is one of the best tablet to read books.

But the highlight of an e-reader is its screen: it perfectly emulates the pages of a physical book, with a combination of hardware and software makes the light of the device very adaptable and pleasant to the human eye, which makes the reading can extend for long and long periods, without the need for rest breaks. In addition, the practicality of carrying several titles within a device that can be loaded to wherever you want highlights the physical books.

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