Most reasons to bet on a company Instagram

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Most reasons to bet on a company Instagram

Company Instagram– Instagram is the queen of all social networks in the current scene. The truth is that with only 8 years old, Instagram already has around 800 million active users around the world. It seems that the concept “capture your moment” has evolved to the point of becoming a key business tool. And essential for all brands.

Instagram, besides being one of the social networks of fashion is also one of the most visual, if not the most. Hence, it is the perfect environment to do digital marketing. Every business should have a profile on Instagram, do not you think?

Why create a company Instagram?

the company Instagram

Below we give you the 6 reasons why you use company Instagram profile.

Access to profile statistics

The first step for companies on Instagram is to activate the option “Company profile”. This can be achieved in just three clicks: “Options”, “Configuration” and “Change to commercial account”. And created company account.

The commercial account or professional profile allows the brands to have a weekly control of the activity of the profile through the statistics offered, free of charge, by the platform. Total interactions, number of new followers, total visits to the profile … Statistics measure the success of an advertising campaign and offer the possibility to stop it if the results are not as expected.

Daily and visual publications

Both content and periodicity are important at this point. The content for Instagram is mostly visual. For that reason, the images must be of quality, to cause the appropriate impact on the user.

The periodicity of the publications is also fundamental. Every brand needs continuous publications but daily with which to invite their followers to interact through sweepstakes and contests.

On the other hand, it also helps in the company Instagram to bet on collaborative users, that is, those who publish their own content showing the products or services of the company. In this way the followers feel part of the company.

Increase in visibility

Visibility is synonymous with hashtag. The # hashtags # are used to add tags to posts. Tags that usually refer to what appears in the publications although the most used ones are also used to increase the number of visits and, proportionally, also the likes. With its use, brand awareness is generated and, therefore, also its visibility and engagement.

Bet on the stories

The stories are the main protagonists, along with the own images, of Instagram. The truth is that the number of stories is always higher than the number of images because of their speed, the possibility of personalization and also because of the high level of interaction they experience. The stories have more and more features that allow them to be in continuous contact with followers through surveys and questions.

Therefore, the stories are one of the keys to the success of the brands and more at this time when it has just extended the duration of the videos. Now you can publish videos in stories of more than 15 seconds.

Sale with Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is one of the latest features that the social network has adopted and one of the most successful ones. Instagram Shopping is key to e-commerce by allowing you to enter interactive tags on the products that lead directly to your purchase on the brand’s official website. Tagging products on company Instagram is quick and easy through the corporate profile.

Advertising with ads on Instagram

Yes, now it is also possible to advertise on company Instagram. How? Through Instagram Ads you can create ads that appear in publication mode on the news board or as a storie during the visualization of the set of stories.

The brands use them to promote products, raffles or events following parameters with which to segment the total audience. The right choice of an ad is key to reach the target audience of the brand and thus achieve success in the digital marketing strategy.

Reasons to open a company profile on Instagram

top company Instagram

Your algorithm benefits you

Until relatively recently the Instagram algorithm only took into account timing , that is, it valued the most recent publications. However, currently the Instagram algorithm not only premium that the feed is fresh, but also the engagement and relationship history. Comments and likes make an update on Instagram more viral. On the other hand, the more the receiver and transmitter interact, the more visibility they will reach.

Generate greater engagement

Many studies of digital marketing have determined that Instagram is the social network with the highest user engagement with brands. The Instagram audience continually searches for visual content regardless of the day or time. In addition, its format and presentation facilitates interaction through likes and comments. As experts in content marketing , in the strategy of your company profile you should never miss the hashtag to increase engagement .

Instagram is the social network with the largest number of users. Your visual marketing strategy is very attractive for companies.

Increase traffic to your website

One of the advantages of Instagram for companies is that it allows greater visibility. This results in more traffic to your website and, consequently, an improvement in organic positioning. Each time you upload a new post to the corporate blog, share the link in the Instagram biography and inform your followers with a publication where you can remember that they can access directly through the link.

Bring your brand to the audience

Instagram is a social network that brings your brand closer to users, that is, it gives you the possibility to show its human component. For example, you can publish how the day-to-day business is, share photos of work breakfasts or show curious objects that employees have at their desks.

It allows to know the behavior of users and meet new ones

Likes and comments are tools that give you the possibility to discover which are the most engaging content, that is, those that have most liked the audience. On the other hand, the Instagram algorithm allows you to inform your brand to more users thanks to the ‘Explore’ tab, which shows content related to the tastes of users or their friends.

Promotion of products and services

Instagram is a platform where you can promote your products or services. In addition to using your own photos, it is also a good strategy to go to banks of images and free vectors to edit them creatively. Remember that the writing of a clear text and the use of emojis is also key so that the message heats on the users.

Reflect your business culture

Instagram is a social network that is not only used to attract customers, but also to attract talent, since it is an ideal opportunity to reflect your values ​​and business philosophy, as well as to promote your company culture.

If you prefer that specialists in content creation be responsible for the management of social networks in your company, contact Optimize click . We will create a personalized and tailored digital marketing strategy.

Reasons to advertise on company Instagram

best company Instagram


As we have said before, to make a network advertising campaign you do not need to have an excessive budget. You can start a campaign with little investment. In addition, Instagram is one of the social networks in which the cost of advertising is usually lower. If we compare it with other platforms, the cost per click on Instagram Ads is relatively low.


Instagram combines the contents that today are the kings in the world of social media: the image and the video . This type of format is the most used by users, which means that the interaction of your content with the public is greater and easier to achieve than in other platforms. We must bear in mind that, in this channel, ads mix with other publications, so that compared to other social networks, advertising seems less invasive from the point of view of the user.


Due to the growth that this social network is experiencing. Advertising in this channel allows you to improve the visibility of your ads and with it the notoriety of your brand .

Ease in management

Managing campaigns on Instagram is simple as it is done from the ad manager on Facebook. You only need a good image, a text that accompanies the image and a good segmentation of your audience that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Instagram also allows the option to promote a video, a carousel of photographs and create ads in Instagram Stories, the latest news with which the social network has surprised us although we are sure that it will not be the last one?

Sale with Instagram Shopping

Now Instagram also allows purchases, not from the site itself, but redirecting the profile account to the official product page. In this way, with Instagram Shopping, you save time searching for the product you were looking for.

Taking advantage of the pull of the market, Instagram starts its way in the conversion with the aim of gaining positions among online shopping platforms preferred by users. To be able to advertise, every company will need to have a business account in the social network. The purchase in two clicks is already possible.

Finally, a company Instagram is from you to manage the presence in social network. That is to say, you will be able to create the publications, but you will also be able to measure what results you are obtaining. You can even carry out advertising campaigns from the APP itself. The main difference is that in the biography of your company account for Instagram you will be able to add different contact buttons .

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