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Many are already professionals who know the importance of including Pinterest in the marketing strategy. Since its inception,. It has been in the focus of sellers for the extraordinary potential it has always given off. For some time now.

Thus, from the integration of the purchase button or the creation of Pinterest Lens to search the platform from a photograph taken with the smartphone. The platform has been turning towards e-commerce, in an attempt to Separate yourself from competitors such as Facebook, Twitter. Or Instagram. The last move in this direction was the launch of “Shop the Look”, an advertising modality that allows purchases based on visual discovery.

Pinterest in the marketing strategy

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Through Shop the Look, brands and influences can reach your customers or followers through content. That is directly connected to their websites, online stores, blogs, etc. The redesign of the business profiles has also been a firm commitment to strengthen ties with brands. And further encourage the inclusion of Pinterest in the marketing strategy.

That’s not all: just a few days ago, Pinterest has included a new tab in order for users to find content recommendations based on their tastes and preferences. This is “More ideas”, located on each of the boards and brings together content related to ideas that have previously been stored in them. Thus, the platform advances towards its full positioning as a means of inspiration and discovery.

Pinterest is not a social network. It is a tool for personal use designed to discover ideas and inspirations. You do not share content here. But you accumulate projects. It is a visual search engine to find references that catch your attention and incorporate them into your real life.

Including Pinterest in the marketing strategy is not only a good idea if we are an e-commerce. It also helps generate a lot of traffic to the sites from which each image has been pinned.  Since when a content is added, it is linked to its Original URL it is. Therefore, possible that brands drive both web traffic and conversions from organic content located on Pinterest. Let’s not forget that Pinterest positions Google images very well. So having an account will help position us among the first results of the search engine.

Reasons to include Pinterest in the marketing strategy

Pinterest in the marketing strategy

The growth experienced by Pinterest in just a few months has been excessive, with an average of 25 million new users in the semester. Currently, this visual discovery platform has 250 million active users per month. And, according to data from Pinterest itself, 67% of its users have discovered a brand or product within the platform itself. And 93% of them he recognizes using it to plan his next purchases. The importance of incorporating Pinterest in the marketing strategy can be deduced from the data.

The brands begin to discover their potential. According to eMarketer, Pinterest will generate more than 500 million dollars in advertising revenues – in 2019 and only in the United States – almost 44% more than the previous year. By 2020, the forecasts are to exceed one billion dollars. Like other social networks.  Pinterest has the potential of data and the ability to segment with great precision. So that it can serve targeted ads with a high impact.

Pinterest has a significant and committed user base that is starting to monetize, thanks to the fact that it takes advantage of the richness of its user data and develops new advertising models.

Is all this applicable to Spain. One in four Pinterest users in Spain access the platform on a daily basis. According to data from  the Annual Report of Social Networks 2018 of IAB USA. The average user of Pinterest in Spain is 37.2 years old. And the age group that most uses it is between 31 to 45 years old (37% of the total of users), followed by users between 16 and 30 years old (35%). Generation Z has a much larger presence than other social networks. And Millennials make up 38% of all Pinterest users.

As the approach is not to report something that is happening at this time. You do not have to fight against content volatility. This means that the useful life of the images. Which are not used for those discovery tasks. The social network begins to monetize with its new advertising proposals. Although it is only possible to pay for advertising in the United States and Germany.

Sectors that must include Pinterest in the marketing strategy

the marketing strategy

In this sense, there are sectors that can get a lot of performance from this visual platform.  Since their products lend a lot to the search for inspiration and visual discovery. Pinterest gives ideas, for example, decoration, crafts and DIY, hairdressing, cooking …

It is also an important tool for the retail sector , since it allows users to discover products that have a certain visual appeal or originality. Special mention deserves the textile sector. Fashion, footwear and accessories have a great ally on Pinterest. Where clothing brands can include complete looks appropriate to any situation, style or taste.

It is about inspiring, it works like a traditional catalog but with the advantage that it is possible to acquire. Each one of the products with just a couple of clicks. In e-commerce, Pinterest is fundamental in the early planning stage .

Finally, infographics make up an important part of Pinterest content. Students or professionals from different sectors come to the platform in search of data or information organized visually.

If you have not included Pinterest in the marketing strategy. It is important that values ​​start working on it in 2019, especially if you belong to the retail sector and have an e-commerce. At Kanlli we can help you outline your strategy in this social network so that you increase traffic.  And sales, taking advantage of the full potential of the platform preferred by consumers eager for discovery. No matter which sector you belong to,   contact us if you want to know how Pinterest can help your marketing strategy.

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