Installing Video Intercom For Apartment

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Installing Video Intercom For Apartment

Installing a video intercom for an apartment is one of the measures to increase the security of housing and own property. Such a device makes it possible to see visitors and control their access inside the home without leaving the apartment or private house. Interested in installing video intercom in the house? We propose to understand in more detail how these devices work and whether it is possible to install them yourself.
Installing Video Intercom For Apartment

What is a video intercom?

Video intercom refers to equipment that combines the functions of video surveillance and intercom. This tool is designed to protect the inhabitants of an apartment or private house from unwanted visits. Also, video intercom gives you the opportunity to observe what is happening outside in real time. In this parameter, such equipment is similar to a video surveillance complex. video intercom components

Please note that video intercoms are not a single device, but a complex of technical means that are combined with each other in a wired or wireless way. All equipment that is included in the intercom, is classified into two large groups – outdoor and residential units. Both units consist of a large number of devices and modules, which together make up the video intercom.

Outdoor unit

Under the external video, door unit means calling panel. It provides communication between the outside world and the inhabitants of the apartment. Usually, the door panel is installed on the surface of the entrance door, if we are talking about a city apartment, or on the gate, if it is a country cottage with a plot. The design of the outdoor call block includes the following set of technical tools:

  • Digital block and call button.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Video camera and protected lens.
  • Remote electronic lock.
  • Electronic key reader.
  • Infrared source.

Thus, each of these types of equipment is of great importance for the operation of video intercoms. It is necessary to consider in detail the purpose and features of each of the technical means. They are described below.

Digital Block

It is a dial pad with keys that denote numbers from 0 to 9. However, this version is only for apartment buildings and cottages. For an individual apartment or house used intercoms without a dial pad because nothing to type and do not need. Instead of a digital block, a call button is placed on the call panel. Visitors just click on it to contact the inhabitants of the apartment or cottage.

Installing Video Intercom For Apartment

Key Reader

This device is designed to ensure that tenants of the apartment could easily enter the house. So that this process does not take a lot of time, electronic or magnetic keys are used instead of traditional keys. It is enough to attach a magnetic card or a device with a microchip to the call panel so that it sends a signal to the electronic door lock. After that the door opens – the whole process takes seconds.

Video Camera

To transmit high-quality images in video intercoms, special video cameras are used with a viewing angle of at least 120. This viewing angle allows you to see not only what is in front of the camera, but also on the sides, as well as on the top and bottom. To protect the camera from mechanical damage, including vandals, use a durable lens. It goes deep inside the body of the outside panel and is still covered with glass.

Microphone And Speaker

These devices provide two-way communication between the visitor and the inhabitants of the house or apartment. As a part of video on-door speakerphones condenser analog, a microphone is usually used. They are sensitive and record sound from sources that are not only in front of the microphone membrane but also on the sides. Speaker with microphone is located inside the outside panel for additional protection.

Infrared Source

Often, attackers, before committing a crime, turn off the lights in the stairwell or on the street, or simply break the light bulbs. So that even in the conditions of complete darkness one could see who is on the other side of the entrance door, infrared lights are used. It is not visible to the eye, and at the same time, it uniformly highlights surrounding objects, which is clearly visible on the monitor of the apartment block.

Electronic Lock

This device greatly simplifies the life of visitors at home, as it eliminates the need to open and close the doors manually. Instead of the traditional mechanical lock and the block in the door is set magnetic. It works on electricity, is controlled by a call panel, which receives signals from the apartment block. Also, the reader is connected to the lock magnetic cards or chips that are in the inhabitants of the apartment.

Other Equipment

Often in the video door for the apartment includes additional equipment. Some of these types of equipment are infrared sensors and batteries. The sensor monitors the movement of bodies in the controlled area and notifies the residents. Different technologies can be used to power the calling unit. For example, connecting the panel to the power supply with a cable, or an integrated power supply that requires regular replacement. The first option is easier to maintain, but it is not autonomous.

The call panel is manufactured by anti-vandal technology for greater protection from the effects of intruders. In order to make the panel resistant to negative weather influences, anti-corrosion alloys of metals are used to create it. This causes the durability of such devices.

Device block apartment

An apartment block is a subscriber unit, which usually has the appearance of a wall-mounted landline phone with a display. Traditional models are installed on the wall in the living room. However, today there are modern portable versions. They can be carried with them to always be aware of what is happening behind the front door of the apartment. In addition, it eliminates the need for each call to go to the hallway.

As well as the call panel, the apartment block of video intercoms in the apartment consists of the following means:

  • Microprocessor control unit.
  • Black and white, less color display.
  • Buttons control the operation of the intercom.
  • Speaker and microphone for communication.
  • Power supply or built-in battery.

The microphone and speakerphone intercom can be either inside the familiar to many people handset and displayed on the surface of the panel. The power supply, which is used to power the door phone, is small due to the low power consumption of the apartment module. Mounted inside.

Types of intercoms

Depending on the object for which you plan to use the device, intercoms are divided into 2 types:

  • For an apartment building. Each device for installation at the entrance to the entrance of an apartment building is equipped with a calling panel with a digital dial pad. On it, the visitor chooses the apartment number to which he plans to pay a visit. Otherwise, there are no differences from the versions for a private house.
  • For an apartment or a private house. Such intercoms are mostly deprived of a dial-in unit since there is no need for it. Some expensive models support advanced options such as connecting multiple call panels. This is especially true for large cottages.

Video door phones for apartment buildings are additionally classified into analog and digital. In the case of the analog version, the data from the call panel to the apartments go through the wires, which designate both tens and units. In digital versions, apartment numbers are set in the calling unit by jumpers, while signals are sent along two wires. Such a system is less reliable because breakdown will leave all apartments without communication.

The installation of video intercom

During the installation work, you can connect the video intercom with your own hands, if you know how it should be installed. In order to prevent gross errors during installation, it is recommended to install an intercom according to the following algorithm:

  1. The choice of the place where the apartment block and the call panel will be installed.
  2. Installation of brackets for fixing equipment.
  3. Installing video intercom – monitor and calling panel on the brackets.
  4. Laying of the electric power cable of the apartment and outdoor unit.
  5. Connection of the outdoor call panel to the apartment intercom unit.

The exact installation scheme of video intercoms depends on the particular model. Usually, four wires of different colors are used for this purpose. Green is responsible for the general connection and operation of the display, white for video, yellow for audio, power is red. Before installing a video intercom, be sure to read the instructions. It describes in detail the method of installation, specifies the correct connection order.

Lock Installation Process

Special attention is given to the installation and connection of the lock, which will be an integral part of video intercoms. The most commonly used types of locks, such as electromagnetic and electromechanical. The second is preferable because even in the event of a power outage, it can be opened with a regular key. Electromagnetic lock after a power outage stops work, and you will not be able to open the door.

Installation of an electric lock is the same as the installation of conventional. If there was a simple lock in the door earlier, there will be no problems with the installation. It is enough to remove the old locking mechanism and install a new one in its place, then fix it with self-tapping screws. After that, the lock is connected to the electrical network and to the outdoor unit of the video intercom. The call panel is exposed to installation at the height from 1,5 meters above a floor.


Installing video intercoms can be the first stage of a great job of securing a home or apartment. The purchase and installation of the device will not require significant financial investments, and at the same time, they will give a lot of new opportunities, make communication with visitors more comfortable and safe. If you are not sure that you can make video intercoms installed as necessary, order the installation.

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