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best random video chat app

Now the majority of messages we receive are from messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but when it comes to speaking by voice, video calls are one of the best options we find. So, so that you do not have complications, we recommend the best random video chat app.

Best random video chat app

Voice calling is practical, but it is clear that if you want to catch up with a person or have something more similar to what would be a “you-to-you” conversation, the video call is the best we have. But there are many apps for it, but not all are good. We recommend the best apps to do that you can find for your Android.

Skype – The most popular


“We do Skype” is already becoming one of the most common expressions to say “we make a video call”, whatever the app. And it is that Skype is one of the most popular apps to make video calls. The Microsoft alternative that allows you to make group video calls, make phone calls over the Internet and much more.

Discord – Player Chat

Another option that is very well known, especially in the gaming world is Discord. This app is designed for gamers offering a lot of ease for them and for them to talk while playing. But it included the ability to make video calls, it is an app that once you have everything organized is very easy and even if you are not a player it is a very versatile app.

Of course, you cannot make group video calls. Or video call or individual call or group call, but not video. But you can also have servers where everyone posts what they want and it is easier to find players.

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Facebook Messenger – The app for everything

One of the good things that Facebook offers us is the number of options that it offers us. And Facebook Messenger, apart from being one of the most popular chat apps, also allows us to make high-quality video calls. It also allows you to make group video calls.

Google Duo

Google Duo 

Google has two video call apps, one of them is this: Google Duo. This app stands out for being one of the most stable that we can find in the Android world. You can also send video messages or make classic voice calls.


The other Big G alternative is Hangouts. This app is more focused on communication with chat messages and the most impressive, video calls of up to 150 people. Impressive truth?

WhatsApp Messenger

Who does not have WhatsApp today? One of the most popular apps in the world also had to allow you to video call. With the app itself, you can call part of all the possibilities that are already known to you. What else do you need?

LINE – Call and text for free

Another well-known app is LINE, an Asian app that allows us thousands of things, including calling and video calling. Another app to have everything centralized in one.

Viber Messenger – Video calls and chats


Another reliable app is Viber, an app that will allow us to make video calls or calls, and of course, use it as a normal messaging app. You can also make chat groups of up to 250 people, not bad, right?

JustTalk – Play with your video calls

Without a doubt, JustTalk is a curious app. Yes, you can make video calls, but its main asset is to draw or put doodles (drawings or similar around you or on the screen of the call) to make the video call, to make everything more fun, that life does not have to be so serious. Although if it has to be and you have to work with people, you can make video calls with up to 16 people.

ICQ – The funniest

Finally, we have ICQ. This app is designed for you to have the most fun experience possible. Here you can make group calls, create stickers, put filters as if it were an Instagram story and a long etcetera. Discover its possibilities.

These are our recommendations for apps to make video calls. What are your recommendations? Are they on this list?

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