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Install youtube on samsung smart tv

Do not see YouTube on your old Samsung Smart TV? We show you the solution. Consuming YouTube content on television is a common occurrence, especially those that include an optional system inside. You may have trouble doing this on a Samsung Smart TV that is old, but we will offer a possible solution for Install youtube on Samsung smart tv if not working.

In some models that already have time, and do not update to a new version of the optional system that they use, they have stopped accessing the application of the Google streaming video platform. The reason is simple: it is created in a flash, so YouTube no longer supports it and, therefore, it is impossible to enjoy videos on Samsung’s Smart TV that has this “problem.”

Install youtube on Samsung smart tv

Install youtube on samsung smart tv

The solution that is proposed by YouTube itself is to use a Chromecast player or, failing that, use a more modern television. And, this is not valid for many who consider that their Samsung Smart TV still looks perfect. Some have proceeded to use the integrated browser to view content, but this has the problem of not being able to see them in full screen, for example. But there is a possibility that we believe is much better: use the TV Cast application.

Use the TV Cast application on the old Samsung Smart TVs

The first thing you have to do is download this development, created by Samsung itself on the TV -acceding to the usual place where you download applications- and Play Store on your Android device (if you have a device of the company itself Korean, you can do it from Galaxy Apps ). Done this, do the following:

Check that both the Samsung Smart TV and the mobile terminal use the same WiFi network. If so, open the development on the TV.

TV Cast

Now run TV Cast on your phone or tablet and close the initial notification that appears. Now, on the top ribbon use the icon that represents a television with several waves – similar to the own Chromecast. Now it’s time to click on Start search (start search).

Watch youtube with the TV cast app

The Google search engine will be opened by default, and what you have to do is access YouTube by entering the name of the service in the corresponding bar. Once you sign in, select the recording you want to see and, at the bottom, you’ll see a section called Tap here to cast (click here to send).

TV Cast

You will start watching the video on your old Samsung Smart TV on a regular basis (to see everything in full screen, you must use the remote control, specifically the OK option).

So you can continue to Install youtube on Samsung smart tv that is old and does not allow to do this already. Of course, the quality is not the maximum possible, and in most cases is 480p. But worse would be not to see content.

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