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How to delete an instagram account from your device

If you have an Instagram account, you may want to unfollow or delete. The cause may be, you are not going to use it for a while or, maybe, you are not interested in using it since it has lost its appeal to you. Be that as it may, we are going to tell you how to delete an Instagram account in a simple way. Do it without having to spend much time on it.

How to delete an Instagram account

How to delete an instagram account from your device

Contrary to what happens with other services that have social content, taking this step on Instagram is not something that forces you to visit the nooks and crannies of the service, which is appreciated. Also, there are two possibilities for the user to decide which is the one that best suits or wants. The first one temporarily disables the account. It simply hides the profile but does not lose the data in case you want to return and, if this It is not what you want to do, it is possible to completely and permanently delete the account. It deletes videos and photos that you have.

We are going to explain how to carry out the two processes, so that the way to follow is always clear and, therefore, that it is simply what you have in mind to make the key issue to go one way or another ( not the knowledge of what to do in each case).

Disable your Instagram account

disable instagram account

In the case you wish to unfollow the account you have in this service temporarily, what you have to do is the following in the browser that you have on your computer:

  • Access the Instagram home page
  • Enter your Instagram profile and on the top right use the option that gives access to your profile
    Now select the Edit profile and then use the link that says Deactivate my account temporarily (which is in the box below)
  • Temporary low of an Instagram account
  • Indicate the reason for doing this, and you must write your password again
  • Now press the confirmation button and, in case you want to activate the Instagram account, you should only use the data to start a session

Unfollow your Instagram account

Unfollow your Instagram account

This is the option that ends with all the information you have in the service, so photos and images will no longer be available. In this case, you must do what we indicate below (the process is not reversible):

  • Access the specific Instagram page for this purpose on this link
  • Enter your account information; this will be necessary even if you were in the usual way
  • Answer the reason why you want to unfollow from Instagram and write your password again
    Definitive termination of an Instagram account
  • Now you must use the button that indicates that the account will be permanently deleted and, done this, you will have finished

You can find other tutorials in this section of Android Help. Most have to do, as is logical, with the Google operating system.

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