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It can be tiring working a nine to five job. It is only natural that your energy will start to flag in the middle of the day, when there are still hours to go before you can return home. Taking a brief nap during your lunch hour may be the best way to alleviate this slump, and a nap chair may be the way to ensure your sleep is as comfortable as possible.

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Midday Slump

It is not unusual to start your day productively, only to find yourself hit by a wall of tiredness in the early part of the afternoon. You go from rapidly achieving everything you need to do to being unable to concentrate, let alone work. The midday slump can be influenced by hydration, diet and quality of sleep, but it is also influenced by circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms control your sleep patterns in a 24-hour cycle. Everyone has their own natural times for sleeping and waking, and your body will tell you when you reach those times regardless of what else you have to do in your day. This is why you will sometimes become tired or wide awake for no obvious reason. For many people, circadian rhythms mean their most productive time is midmorning and then again later in the afternoon. The space in between in when the midday slump may hit.

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Nap Chair

A cursory internet search will reveal the vast number of nap-friendly chairs available. Some may seem excessively complex, with scientifically designed features such as alarms and music, but you do not necessarily need them. You can do just as well in an operator chair such as those available at Best Buy office chairs.

The nap chair is not that different to a normal office chair. It is of average size and can swivel, so it will not look out of place. What sets it apart is the large, comfortable back and the recline function that helps you attain the most relaxed position. Even twenty minutes can help refresh you and make you better able to face the rest of your day in a productive frame of mind. It is a great alternative to just drinking ever more caffeine. Not only will you be less tired, you can avoid common office health issues such as back ache.

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