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We tell you what are the best gamer headphones aids and how to choose one that gives you the best experience, according to your needs.

Having good gamer earphones can greatly improve our playing experience. Is that there is nothing like listening to the details of the audio as they were created by the developers. Because, besides filling us with adrenaline. They allow us to completely immerse ourselves in the different scenes, helping us to react in a better way and to enhance our skills in the game .

When deciding to have this key accessory to play on the computer or any console, we find that there are several models. Which differ in design, quality and price. So, so that you do not get dizzy analyzing each alternative. We tell you what are the best gamer headphones and the keys so you can choose the perfect ones for you and your needs.

How to choose the best gamer headphones

Best gamer headphones

The hearing aids we use, in addition to relieving our family of the sounds of the game, can help us win a game. If we add that the best are not exactly cheap, it is clear that we can not take their choice lightly.

Before choosing, we must consider several requirements, which range from design, style and quality to the connection mode. And the platform in which we are going to use them.

Shape of the pavilion: there are button-type models, which are introduced into the ear; supernatural. Which rest on the ear; and circumpolar, which rest on the head and completely surround the ear. The latter, which are also known as over-ear are the most recommended to play. Since they are more comfortable and offer greater immersion.

Open: the types of hearing aids are also classified as open and closed. The first ones are the best, since they allow the ear to breathe without sacrificing sound quality.

Pavilion materials: the more padding, the more comfortable it will be and the greater its insulation capacity.

Cintillo: should be as comfortable as possible, especially if you are one of those who spend hours playing.

Sensitivity: this refers to the power emitted by the hearing aid speaker, which is measured in decibels. In gaming models, the standard varies between 95 and 120 dB.

Impedance: in simple terms, it is the resistance that hearing aids have to the power and is measured in ohms. If it is too low, the hearing aids can become overloaded and generate unnecessary noise. So, the ideal for gamers is that they have between 16 and 60 ohms.

Frequency response: this is the range that the hearing aid emits within the audible spectrum. As the human ear perceives between 20 to 20,000 hertz, a hearing aid must cover at least that range.

Drivers: we have to look at the number and size of the drivers. The bigger they are, the better. Well, if we want to enjoy good bass and realistic effects, we need a wide woofer and, therefore, a diaphragm of at least 40 mm.

Which hearing aids are best for each platform

the gamer headphones

In addition to looking at all the general characteristics, such as those mentioned above. It is absolutely essential to take into account the use we are going to give to hearing aids, according to the platform. This is because it is not the same to buy hearing aids for PS4. For example, that some PC gamer headphones, since it varies the posture in which we play and the audio capabilities.

Wireless gaming headset

discover gamer headphones

The type of connectivity directly influences the gaming experience. Although there are models that connect through an analog cable or USB. It is better to choose wireless models, because they allow greater mobility during the game. Although if it is about playing on a PC. This factor becomes less relevant, because this team does not allow large movements per se.

The best PC headphones

Steel Series: this brand is one of the most popular among gamers. Among its models, the Siberia 800 stands out, which offers one of the best relations between price and quality. A good option if we want a good gaming experience without spending so much.

Logitech: allows us to customize most of the relevant aspects of the game’s audio through Logitech Gaming Software technology. In addition, it allows us to generate personalized sound profiles for each game. The G933 Artemis Spectrum is one of the most recommended.

Corsair: we can go to the safe with the Corsair VOID Wireless model, since it has surround sound and at a more than reasonable price. It is one of the PC microphone headphones ideal for multiplayer, such as

How to connect the headphones to the PC

top gamer headphones

If you have doubts about how to connect the gamer headphones to the PC, you should not worry, since it is very simple: after identifying the input for the headphones, you must enter the cable there.

In case you want to change the settings, you can select the “Start” button, enter “Settings”, then “System”, “Sound” and finally “Device properties”.

Hearing aids for PS4

Next, we indicate which hearing aids are for PS4 (you can read Ps4 vs PS4 Pro: what is the difference between the models ).

Sennheiser: if it’s about lightness, the Game Zero modelprevails in the market. They are lightweight and very comfortable hearing aids that allow greater mobility. In addition, they have a sound quality above average.

Sony: clearly, the leading company in the world of audio could not be left out of this list. Its Platinum Wireless Headset modelstands out for its high sound quality.

Razer: its models offer a great resistance of the materials, compatibility and excellent sound. Although the majority of its offer is recommended, the ManO’War and the Kraken Pro V are great options.

Now you know which gamer headphones  are better! The next step is to find the ones that fit you best and live a new experience of gameplay. We invite you to find them in the official stores of Genius , HyperX , Maxell , Microplay , Trust  and Corsair in Mercado Libre.

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