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If you love fashion and you always want to create new clothes, we present the best applications to design clothes that every fashion designer should have at their fingertips.

Day by day, all those professionals in fashion design or those who are  in  schools or universities studying Fashion Design. Look for different tools that facilitate the opportunity to develop their ideas; in a practical and efficient way. But, as we know, many times good ideas are ‘just around the corner’ and arrive when you least expect them. And it is not comfortable to always carry with you the elements that help us to make the design. Whether from a Waco and a laptop, to a binnacle and some pencils.

But now, thanks to new technologies and the access that users have to these, there is a new way of being able to design wherever you are and whenever you want to do it. If you love fashion and always want to make new clothes. In this article we present the best applications to design clothes that every fashion designer should have at their fingertips.

Applications to design clothes

the design clothes

Whether free or paid, applications for Android or Apple. All these will allow you to put your creativity into play and make the best clothes quickly and easily. From the sketch made to colored pan tones that help you make your clothes.

Fashion Design

Currently, Fashion Design Flat Sketch, is one of the applications most requested by any designer. Since it is the only app that allows you to create flat designs based on sketches, with a quality finish, simple. And available for Android, IOS and Tablets. But; To make matters worse, Fashion Design Flat Sketch is completely free.

 In this application you will be able to design outfits. From blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, jumpsuits and others. After making each design, you will be able to customize them by adding details that are available in the app’s library. In the same way, you can combine between more than 1000 available graphics, add zippers, buttons, belts, among other finishes.

And so, finally you will end up obtaining a quality result. Which you will be able to export as an image and pass it on to your pattern maker. You can also send it by email and print your incredible designs.

Auto Desk

Auto Desk Sketchbook is one of the most acclaimed applications when you want to draw or sketch digitally. It is not an application specifically for fashion design. Rather, an app for everyone who loves drawing. But, as we can suppose, this will be very helpful when it comes to wanting to translate our ideas.

In particular, those that arise at first, since our concept is still in the process of being created. You will be able to play with the thickness and strength of the strokes. In the same way, you can use colors to give you a clearer idea of ​​what you want for your design.

My Pan tone

Another useful application for a designer is My Pan tone, with which you will be able to have color palettes in your hands. In order to make the best combinations between design, textures and color. This is available for smart phones.

Not only will you have access to pastel colors, metallic, Neon, CMYK, among others. But you will also get to know the color trends. In addition to saving your palettes and sharing them through email and even with other Adobe Creative applications.

Clothing stitching pattern

Thanks to the clothing stitching pattern , you will learn the sewing patterns for different types of costumes. From skirts, dresses, pants, jumpsuits and blouses, with the different types of neckline, cuts and finishes.

Sewing Assistant

This is a different option but a lot of help for those who are interested or dedicate themselves to this profession. Especially for those who are just beginning. If what you are looking for is a fun and effective way to learn to use one of the key tools to make clothes, the sewing machine, then this app is for you.

Thanks to the Sewing Assistant, you will learn; from wherever you are, to use the sewing machine. You will know how to do different jobs such as adjusting the machine, threading the needle. Winding the bobbin and changing the needle. You will also know the types of fabrics and stitches, you will get to select the stitch, adjust the length and width of it. You can find it for free on Android.

If you really love your career and you always want to design clothes and want to continue learning in a fast and fun way. These are some of the best applications to create designer clothes that every fashion designer should have on your cell phone.

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