Jhonney July 5, 2020

If you have ever accessed the internet through your smartphone, you will have experienced the frustration of landing on a website formatted for the larger screen size of a desktop or laptop computer. The fonts are too tiny to read and when you zoom in on a piece of text to read it more closely, you find yourself swiping backwards and forwards to try to read what it says. Eventually, in frustration, you return to your search results and opt for another website.

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Smartphones overtake traditional computers

This is an all-too-common story that simply should not be happening any more. Last year smartphone use outstripped laptops and desktop computers for the first time, meaning that every company should make it a matter of priority to switch to responsive design; however, according to Search Engine Journal, as many as 60 per cent of websites are still failing to appreciate the importance of a responsive website. It is incredibly important that regardless of what your business sells, whether a used pallet racking Ireland company, or Leicester based jewellery company that you ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Not only does this allow people to search for your items on the go but also means for those quick emergency needs they will also be able to find your business and the products and services that you have to offer.

More initial outlay for better outcomes

Creating a truly responsive website that displays seamlessly across a range of devices, browsers and operating systems takes time; however, it is money well spent when your website is guaranteed to provide every single visitor with an excellent experience.

You can save money by creating a website that displays seamlessly across larger screens, of course; however, if your smartphone visitors can’t access the information they want in a format that suits their needs, you are handing these same visitors to your competitors, which goes against the grain. It is far better to spend more on the initial responsive design and reap the rewards by retaining your visitors, who are then likely to make a purchase from your site.

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A good web development company will be able to create a sparkling website that attracts, and retains, a high volume of visitors with the means and intent to make a purchase. You can easily source a professional web development company who can support you with your business needs.

A professional and experienced design team will test your website rigorously across a range of platforms and screen sizes to make sure that every single visitor gains the maximum benefit from your new website, creating a great ROI that will quickly turn your initial outlay into profit.

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