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Google is constantly optimising its algorithms to ensure that its search services meet the needs of its users. Historically, these optimisations have not been fundamental changes, but more tweaks. However, the advent of Search Journeys turned the notion of search on its head, with wide-reaching implications.

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What are Search Journeys?

Google is harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help it better comprehend what users’ intent is when they search. AI can very quickly wade through vast reams of data to see people’s previous search history and preferences, and then make educated assumptions on what they may be looking for next. It focuses on where they have been and where they are looking to go, rather than on just the best answer to a particular phrase.

What does this mean?

This new approach to search will have a big impact, as this piece shows. Specifically, by taking into account sites a person has already visited, Google will be able to pinpoint their needs more and bring up targeted options. It uses Knowledge Graphs to do this, which establishes connections between different elements.

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For those looking to boost their SEO, it means they will have to alter their strategy. For those looking for SEO Belfast support, then organisations such as can help you to develop better tactics, which take into account the changes to the Google algorithm.

They can help organisations to better map keywords and which keywords will be used at different stages of the customer journey. For example, what will your customers search for depending on if they just want initial information, want to compare services or actively want to purchase something?

Keywords in terms of search journeys can be broken down into broad categories based on the above aspects and then used by organisations to ensure they can continue to drive traffic to their site by creating the right kind of content that covers the right new keywords.

This content can then be aligned to different parts of a user’s journey, whether they are just starting out, or ready to commit. Different content will be useful depending on where a customer is on their journey. Approached correctly, organisations can use Google’s new algorithm to their advantage, as long as they have the right expert advice.


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