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CHAS approval aims to save suppliers and buyers valuable time and money by simplifying the process of health and safety compliance.

Rather than having to meet the standards of each and every buyer they apply to work for, CHAS-approved businesses can demonstrate health and safety compliance to a whole range of different private and public sector organisations; meanwhile, buyers should have added confidence in the companies they choose. Examples of companies that have been awarded CHAS accreditation include Vacuum conveying company who will have displayed all of the requirements needed. Companies that are CHAS accredited stand out from their competitors as having taken the extra steps to ensure all of their practices are health and safety compliant.

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A wide variety of businesses apply to become CHAS compliant, ranging from local authorities to suppliers of tensile fabric structures, and benefit from the simplicity of health and safety standards being demonstrated once approved. It is believed that a wider spectrum of people can then benefit from better health and safety standards overall.

According to the CHAS website, all applicants’ health and safety performance is assessed according to their policy statement, organisation and specific arrangements to ensure they reach the standard required by CHAS buyers.

The history of CHAS

CHAS was originally developed in 1997 by a group of procurement and health and safety professionals in partnership with the Association of London Government (ALG). In 2001, it became web based and today over 500 buyer organisations have been assessed successfully.

CHAS is a private limited company and is the property of the London Borough of Merton. More information about the borough and the CHAS database can be found on the Merton Council website.

In addition to helping suppliers to show that they comply with health and safety law and reducing inconsistencies when it comes to applications for work, being involved with a CHAS scheme is said to have numerous other benefits for businesses and organisations, whether in the private or public sector.

One of the most advantageous to many businesses and organisations is the time and resources that can be saved, along with the guidance that is offered to rectify weaknesses in safety management.

The application process

The process of CHAS assessment features three distinct stages, which go beyond an initial assessment of health and safety management and include buyer checks on a supplier’s ability to undertake a specific task and ongoing monitoring. The level of stage two and three assessment will usually depend on the risks involved with a particular job.

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