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The office design industry has always kept pace with innovation. From open-plan areas to co-working spaces and economical cubicles, cutting edge technology and employee influence are behind modern advancements in the way we work. Here are some new trends for 2019.

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1 Employee opinion

Today, organisations typically experiment with design to influence ways of working. As a result, workforce opinion has become important. Organisations that conduct research among their employees exploit the relationship between retention and design.

2 Biophilic design

Plants in offices increase workforce productivity and happiness. But the concept goes way beyond a few potted plants. Biophilic design brings the outside in, whether through access to external areas, greenery walls, indoor forests or increased natural light.

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There are some more office trends here:

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3 Data-driven design

Businesses now use rich data detailing how their employees function when creating bespoke office spaces. For example, a survey may show that focus-based workers don’t shine in a noisy open-plan office, and prefer the option of a retreat.

4 Colour

It’s thought that colour can stimulate mood, encourage productivity, inspire creativity and boost memory. Brand identity may be associated with a particular palette, whose visibility can be promoted throughout the office. Accents might involve feature walls, office furniture or statement pieces.

5 Resimercial

Recently, ‘resimercial’ design has become popular. The concept sees residential design trends being employed in commercial offices, bringing a homely feel to buildings.

Soft fabrics, plush seating areas and inviting homely accents may encourage relaxation. Think about canteens like your kitchen at home, quilted armchairs and smart rugs.

Resimercial design has ousted slick, corporate styles, and millennials are now open to work happening anywhere, any time. For them, comfortable environments are important in reducing stress and boosting productivity.

6 Brand identity

When brand identity resonates with employees, positive attitudes are fostered in the workforce. A clear vision and sense of communal identity are important, and bespoke furnishings epitomising these concepts are now leading the way.

Brand identity is central to commercial office design. For example, finishes evoking a company’s heritage and history will provide a personalised touch and act as visual reminders for workers who will remember why they go to work every day.

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