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Social Media Plan

Do you have a Social Media Plan? Social Networks in SMEs must follow defined objectives in a strategic plan that allows them to manage their presence professionally. The work in the Social Networks of the companies must be a strategic activity, not a fashion or a “we should be”. Here are the first problems they have: not getting results.

A Social Network Plan must be prepared before entering them, in which their objectives are clearly defined in each of them, the strategies to be followed, as well as the optimization of their profiles.

For SMEs that have no knowledge of this, I always suggest that they look for a specialist, if they cannot afford it, they have to study … and much to achieve results.

What should be a Social Media Plan?

I will start by insisting that your strategy in RS must be integrated into your entire marketing strategy. Its development should undoubtedly be based on the in-depth knowledge of its online market, that is, who its market is, on what social networks it interacts, how it does it and with what brands. We must also have a good sense of who their competition is and what their presence is in social networks, how they interact with their audience and what impact it generates.

Having this information, we now need to have an idea of what our brand is talking about in Social Networks, whether we are in them or not, it is likely that they will talk about us. Otherwise, for being a new company or very small, we can monitor what is being said about the product or service that we are going or are offering. We achieve this through some monitoring platforms, such as: social mention, Google Alerts, among many others.

With this information, the process of preparing the Social Networks Plan that must contain the following begins.

Social Media Plan

Process to Prepare a Social Media Plan

1. Selection of Social Networks.

The first thing is to define the social networks that your company must manage, not because they are fashionable, but because they are in which your market is, and in which your brand has more opportunities to position itself for the type of product or service that you offer.

2. Objectives by Social Network.

Although you should define a general goal of why you are in social networks, each of them will have a different function, perhaps you have it to answer Twitter and Facebook have it to promote products and create the brand reputation.

3. Personality of your social network accounts.

Each must represent your brand and speak for it, so it is essential that you define the personality of your brand, think that your brand is a person … how is it? Would it be, happy, formal? Intellectual, technological, romantic? Ingenious, funny, accessible? Does it speak of you or of you? Etc. We must define it as detailed as possible since this role must be represented by the person who is responsible for the management of the Social Networks of your company.

4. Strategy of action in each social network.

Here we define the strategy to follow in each social network, among the most popular are: Brand Image, Online Sale, Market Studies, Customer Loyalty or Leads Capture.

Social Media Plan

5. Conversation line.

You must define the type of conversation you want to have with your community on social networks, this part includes the communication policies that the SR responsible should follow when representing the brand, what it should or should not say and in what form. How value content & promotional content will be included and regulated, as well as how to respond in case of crisis.

6. Publication themes.

Here you define the topics to be published in each of your Social Networks: what will you talk about, each time, what sources you will use, how you will share it, etc. It is important that you define a topic to be identified by the same. The companies that publish without any reason are the truth that they lose many possibilities of positioning a solid image.

7. Strategy of interaction with your community.

You must define how, when and in what way you will interact with your community in each of the Social Networks. The interaction is VITAL in the management of the RS, without this the reality is that you will not reach specific objectives. So, you should set interaction schedules, in which you should read, comment and share what your followers say. You must also define what type of information is the one that you can share according to the philosophy and strategy of your brand. You must be clear about how you are going to interact, with questions, talking, etc.

Social Media Plan

8. How to generate followers.

Quality is more important than quantity. However, the reality is that the RS is that the more people who follow you have more opportunity to take your message further. Therefore you must have strategies to get followers or fans constantly and to cover the market profile you are looking for.

9. Definition of indicators.

Do not forget that you must measure all your effort in the Social Network Plan, in order to adapt your strategy or fine-tune it along the way. There are many tools; however, the most important thing is that you define the indicators (ROI/KPI) from the beginning: traffic, traffic sources, conversations, followers, conversions, etc.

10. Applications and Tools.

Finally define all the applications and tools that you will use for the management of your social networks, monitoring, optimization, measurement, etc. There are many, so it is better to be clear which ones you will occupy from the beginning.

Social Media Plan


For all these 10 reasons makes you an entrepreneur, an SME or a large company. You must develop a Social Media Plan. These are not a fad, they are a communication channel that brings the brand closer to your market, they are the way in which today said a market is communicated and based on them for making purchasing decisions. You must be there, but professionally!

As always I hope that this brief information will be useful. I would love to have your comments and know your opinion.

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