Madani April 8, 2020
Panasonic Lumix XS3, The Thinnest Camera In The World

In addition to presenting the FZ72, the most compact camera with the most zoom in the world, Panasonic has also announced a second camera from the well-known Lumix range, the Panasonic Lumix XS3.

This small and compact camera draws attention to having a thickness of only 14mm, ideal to carry always with us. Whether in your pocket or in your pants pocket, the Lumix XS3 is perfect for carrying it at any time and anywhere. In addition, the Lumix XS3 only weighs 89 grams (103 grams with battery and memory card), which makes it even easier to carry.

Despite its ultra-thin design, the XS3 achieves excellent results when capturing images or recording videos. It has a new 14.1 megapixel CMOS sensor that improves the speed and image quality by offering clear images with minimal noise even in low light situations. Together with the image processor technology Venus Engine, it achieves a high speed between shots and triggers and contributes to a fast ignition and a fast AF to not lose any unexpected moment.

Panasonic Lumix XS3, The Thinnest Camera In The World

Its fast wide angle lens 24mm F2.8 is composed of 6 elements in 5 groups with 3 aspherical lenses. The 24mm offers more possibilities for composition, with approximately 213% more space for viewing compared to 35mm cameras. Thus, this lens can capture more elements in a limited focal length, being ideal for group photographs, indoor objects or moving landscapes. In addition, its 5x Optical Zoom is capable of reaching 10x with Smart Zoom to avoid losing detail.

The well-known optical Image Stabilizer (MEGA OIS) from Panasonic allows eliminating the blur caused by shaking the hand and achieving the maximum possible sharpness of the images, even using the zoom.

With the iA (Intelligent Auto) mode, the camera, by itself, activates all the features to guarantee the best result. In this way, perfect photographs can be obtained without the need for knowledge in photography. A sunset, close-ups, situations with low light … whatever the scenario, with the iA mode, the perfect result of the image is guaranteed.

The XS3 also features the Venus Engine Image Processor that helps improve diagonal, horizontal and vertical resolution for extraordinarily sharp and detailed images. This system also contributes to achieving the best results in Burst Mode and when recording videos in Full HD.

The Video Mode is another of the great peculiarities of this small camera since, in spite of its diminutive size, it records videos in high definition (1920 x 1080). It incorporates a special button located on the back of the camera allows you to start recording while taking pictures, without having to make any adjustments. The recording allows a zoom up to 4x and the use of the iA mode.

Panasonic Lumix XS3, The Thinnest Camera In The World

A camera designed for urbanites

The Lumix XS3 is the second camera in the XS series. As the name suggests, this series is characterized by its dimensions and was designed especially for those urban users who want to take a camera with them at all times.

Taking into account also the profile of these users, Panasonic has included in the XS3 a variety of unique features that add fun to digital photography.

So, for example, it is possible to take panoramic pictures, both horizontally and vertically, with the Panoramic Mode and even apply effects with the innovative and exclusive Creative Panoramic filter function that Panasonic introduced this year in its new Lumix. In total there are 13 different filters that can be applied to the images taken with the XS3, among which are the “soft defocus”, the “Miniature effect”, “Photo toy” or the effects “Pop” and “Retro”.

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