Madani February 19, 2019
Modern Speakers For The Apartment

Modern speakers for the apartment, though not omnipotent, still can give you the feeling of listening to music and watching TV, close to those that you experience in the cinema. The main thing is to select them correctly, with which we will try to help you in this article.

Modern Speakers For The Apartment

Main characteristics

When choosing modern speakers, like any other electronics, you will see a number of parameters and symbols. The main ones are as follows:

  • Power.¬†It is chosen based on the size of the room in which you intend to use the column. For an average apartment, usually, choose devices with a capacity of 25-40 W. If you plan to install them in a large room (more than 30-40 square meters), the upper bar of this indicator can be increased to 70-80 W
  • Type of acoustics. It is denoted by numbers and, as a rule, takes values from 1.0 to 5.1. Type 1.0 labeled simple portable speakers, and if you want to get a powerful sound for the apartment – they do not suit you. 2.0 – these are two front speakers, which in principle can cope with the task. When marking 3.0, a subwoofer is added to them, through which the bass is played, and thanks to which the sound when watching movies becomes more voluminous. Designation 4.0 is used for a system of two front and two rear speakers, which reproduce sound effects even better by transmitting their depth and volume. The 5.0 marking is used when the subwoofer is added to the previous version, and the 5.1 marking is used when the central column is also added to it (voices and dialogues are played through it). Clear,

Modern Speakers For The Apartment

  • Frequency range The wider it is, the greater the variety of sounds the speakers can transmit. It is worth remembering that the range of frequencies that a person can hear varies from 20 to 50,000 Hz. A lower frequency corresponds to better distinguishable bass.
  • It is measured in dB, and the more it is, the better and cleaner the speakers will produce different sounds. For good loudspeakers, it is preferable to select devices of at least 90 dB.
  • Body material. The most popular are four options: plastic, aluminum, chipboard, and MDF. The purest and highest-quality sound comes from speakers made of wooden materials, that is, chipboard and MDF. However, particle boards are not very resistant to high humidity and mechanical stress, therefore traditionally the best options for good acoustic systems in apartments (and not only) are considered MDF.
  • Location Columns for an apartment can be placed on the floor, on shelves, on walls, on the ceiling, or be embedded. The choice of this parameter, for the most part, due to the geometry of your premises and the location of objects in it. However, it is clear that the subwoofer is better to put on the floor, front speakers – next to the TV, rear – behind.

Modern Speakers For The Apartment

  • Design. This question is entirely your taste, as well as the overall design of your apartment or house. However, in any case, do not forget that the main thing is to choose the right speakers for the TV by the parameters described above, and not by their appearance.

Additional nuances when choosing modern speakers

In addition to the main indicators with which you need to decide in the first place when you try to select columns for an apartment, you will see a number of additional ones. They are not so important but can be a nice bonus. For example, some modern speakers are equipped with a headphone jack so that you can quickly switch to them if a loud sound interferes with your household.

Modern Speakers For The Apartment

There are models that are connected exclusively through wires, and there are – working on a wireless connection. The latter option is especially appropriate if you purchase a system with rear and front speakers because otherwise the wires will be stretched across the room.

Be prepared for whatever audio speakers you decide to choose – in order to achieve the perfect sound in your particular room, you have to spend some time tuning them. However, in any case, good speakers will allow you to enjoy the sound effects of movies or music to the maximum.

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