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If you have a website in latest WordPress you are sure that you are more than up-to-date on the updates that have to be made.

However, I’m sure that when you click on that little blue button with a new  latest WordPress you’re always crossing your fingers so that everything goes well. And we get the message the update has ended successfully.

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Before updating backup beam

the latest WordPress

Notice to navigators, although each time the update process in WordPress works better, the latest WordPress can damage your website or it can make your website not see correctly.

So first of all, and if you are reading this article because you are going to update your latest WordPress, STOP AND MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE!

And do not settle for your hosting company to tell you that they make backup copies. Ideally, you should never resort to it. Leave that backup for a disaster case. I have already seen many cases in which they thought that backup was doing well I did not do it, or was corrupt or was too new to avoid disaster. Seriously, do not settle for just one backup at the server level. Manage your own backup.

  • I will not tire of repeating it but whenever you are going to make any change in latest WordPress you have to make your backup.
  • In fact, you should have automatic backups daily. If you are not subscribed, I explain that in the mini-course: Protect your digital assets in latest WordPress.
  • There are two types of WordPress updates, automatic and manual. Then I explain each one and how to do them correctly.

Update WordPress automatically

From latest WordPress 3.7 we have the possibility of having automatic latest WordPress without even worrying about it.

  • The option is activated by default in any WordPress after 3.7 and will only affect minor updates.
  • And, you ask, what is considered minor updates? Well, the ones that go, for example, from version 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 That last shtick that changes is a new minor version.
  • However, if we change from 4.3 to 4.4, this is considered a major update and the automatic update will not be carried out although we have activated it by default.

There is only one exception to what I have said with respect to major updates and is that there was a security vulnerability in a known. And extended plugin such as etc. In this case the company responsible for  WordPress development can decide to apply the patch automatically as well.

Is it advisable to have automatic latest WordPress activated?

latest WordPress correctly

As I mentioned before, automatic updates are activated by default but can be disabled if we consider it appropriate.

My advice is to NOT turn them off. In most cases, it will not be advisable. The updates are to correct minor flaws in functionality or security. So keeping them activated will avoid problems that you had not even considered that could occur.

However, updates, both minor and major, can make your website not work properly.

The new installed version may conflict with a plugin or have your template broken. It is not a usual case, but it can happen. In fact, I’ve seen it more times than you think.

Imagine if you have a blog that earns daily, € 100-200, or a store that sells € 200-300. The fact that your website is inoperative can seriously damage your income at the end of the month.

I always say the same, if you have a website that does not sell (I do not want it), you may have to worry about these updates, both minor and major.

But … Are you serious about doing updates and technical issues when your website is generating money?

I do not know about you, but I see it clearly. In that case, the best thing is that you devote yourself to developing your online business, growing your website and attracting new clients. Forget about the technical part and put yourself in the hands of WordPress specialists who deal with this:

How to disable automatic updates?

Automatic updates can be turned off so they do not even perform automatically. It is not something that I advise you but if you find yourself in the case that I commented to you about the web or online store invoicing daily, I would not risk it and deactivate them.

How to activate automatic updates also for major changes?

How to latest WordPress correctly

As I said, it’s an option that I do not recommend, but if you want to activate all the updates  you simply use this line:

But beware, I’ve seen this line in several blogs but do not warn that with this line you will also be updating ‘nightly builds’ and development versions.

Updates can break your web

Now that you have learned how to do the updates. I remind you again that they can damage your website.

Both minor and major updates, plugin or template latest WordPress can make your website break in some way. It all depends on how your WordPress is designed and the degree of rationalization you have.

Always have a backup and if you bet for your online business, I advise you to always work with a company specialized in WordPress like ours.

Sorry if it sounds like advertising but it is a service that I still do not understand how most online business owners with WordPress do not have it contracted.

Not only for the realization of updating work, secularization, backup copies, etc. but because if something happens you will always have someone who responds and retrieves the web to its previous state.

It is the same case of those “brave” who do not back up their files until they have a virus and makes them lose their files. Once the evil is done, the recovery is much more expensive and the damage is much greater. You know, better prevent than cure

When to perform the latest WordPress?

discover latest WordPress

In my opinion, as long as they are available. Yes, I know that many bloggers advise to wait at least 1 week so that everything goes better.

If you wait, surely the update has less risk, but at the same time if there is a security problem that is corrected in that update after a week your WordPress will be compromised.

If you do the updates as I explain in this post and you have backup, if something goes wrong, it is as simple as leaving it in the previous state. In my opinion there is less risk there than in the fact of waiting 1 week.

And now it’s up to you, what Word Press update do you prefer? Have you ever had any problem latest WordPress? Leave it in the comments and help us enrich the article with your experiences.

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