Roby September 20, 2019
How to Make a Photomontage

What we will do is place an element of an image? A cat, one another photo that will serve as background, a picture of a field. It is a simple task if you follow the steps exactly as we tell you. Here, we explain how to make a photomontage in Photoshop.

How to make a photomontage in Photoshop

? The first step to make a photomontage in Photoshop is to open the image from which we want to trim the element that we will then pass to the other photo, which will serve as the background. As you can see, we have a cat resting on a book and a notebook on the floor. We will make it be on a frame of a field, the same that serves as a wallpaper to the computer.

? To do this, we open the image of the cat with Photoshop and, in the vertical side menu, press the “Brush Tool.”

? Next, we also mark the last item of this menu and, at the top, we choose the size of the tool. For you to select with criteria, you should know that you will have to select the outline of the object and its entire interior to make a photomontage in Photoshop. Keep reading: Wolowtube

? Once you release the tool, you see that you have selected the element, the cat, that we want to move to another photo doing a photomontage in Photoshop. However, in reality, what we have chosen is the fund. Therefore, we must go to “Selection” and “Invest” to have the object that interests us under control.

? The next step is to refine the selection so that, for example, the cat’s hairs are well separated from the bottom. To do this, we select the tool “Lasso” and “Refine selection borders.”

? In the new window that will appear, mark the “Black envelope” selection and move it aside, without closing it, to manipulate the image. What you have to do is move the cursor over the edge of the object? Automatically the selection will be improved. When you’re done, press “OK.”

? Now, go to “Layer” and “Duplicate Layer,” to work with this new layer to make photomontage in Photoshop.

? Now you will have to open in a new window in Photoshop the image on which you will place the cat, so you have the two images insight. Put on the cats and the new layer. Then, choose the first tool from the vertical menu, place the mouse on the cat, press, and without releasing the mouse, drag the element to the image that will serve as the background.

? Here you have the cat on the field and to finish making your photomontage in Photoshop to save the image.

? Here, your photomontage is already done. Now that you know the technique use your creativity to make them more complete and attractive compositions.

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