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There are many different types of business events. A launch event, for example, is an event that announces a new product. This type of event usually involves a large launch party, along with word from the company’s executives. Some large launches are like giant parties, and companies like Apple are masters at this sort of event.

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A board meeting is another type of business event. It serves to educate company members about the performance of the business and to meet with executive managers. Lastly, a shareholder meeting serves as a platform for companies to share information and share goals.

Conferences are gatherings of professionals who share a common interest. They usually have a single substantial theme and are organised by a group of companies. Tickets for a conference are typically paid by the employer. They may have multiple speakers and registered sub-sessions. If you’re looking to expand your skills, a business conference might be the perfect place for you. For help with Public speaking courses, consider if you need to present at a conference, for example.

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Conferences are larger and more formal and can last anywhere from three to five days. A conference will usually include several sessions and include breaks for refreshment. Seminars, on the other hand, tend to be small, single-entity gatherings, which typically consist of a keynote speech and breakout sessions. Both types of events share the same objective: to educate and raise awareness among the target audience.


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