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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is incredibly important for any business trying to get its website noticed by as many people as possible. There are lots of ways that this can be achieved, such as the use of social media or pay per click advertising, but SEO is one of the backbones of a marketing strategy.

There are a number of types of SEO that can be completed, and the type that you require will depend on the type of business that you own, your budget and your overall needs. A good way to find out the methods that are most suitable for you is to work with an SEO Swansea company such .

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Here are the different types that you need to think about.

Technical SEO – this looks at your website and whether it is mobile-friendly, the speed at which it loads, and whether you have page titles and meta descriptions where needed. A lot of this work will be undertaken when your website is first created. It will need to be reviewed on a regular basis.

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On-page SEO – this includes the content that is written on your site and the keywords that are contained within this. The keywords that you use will relate to the products or services that you offer and, in some cases, also your geographical area. You may have different keywords for different pages on your site, and if you operate an eCommerce store, you will also have keywords relating to your products.

Off-page SEO – this is where articles are written based on your industry, and a link to your website is placed within this article. One of the keywords that you want to rank for will also be written within the article. These are usually no-promotional articles that are designed to provide your potential customers with information about your sector that they may either find useful or interesting. The articles are then placed on other websites that allow guest bloggers.

eCommerce SEO – this relates to SEO that can be completed with product listings. It will see descriptions being written about each of the products using keywords that are high ranking. It may also see headlines being written and a breakdown of the functionality of the products and the different colours, sizes, flavours etc, that they can be found in.

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