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augmented reality devices

The augmented reality devices takes years experiencing unstoppable development. We have known some great successes that used this technology to hook users. But they seem to have been quite transient. The brands have not yet taken a real step forward to rehearse with it. But if there is something that the world of marketing has agreed is that the future passes through here . What are the advantages of content strategies based on augmented reality? How could you help your business invest in developing apps with this technology?

Augmented reality devices, an easy-to-use technology

the augmented reality devices

Augmented reality devices is a technology that mixes the real environment with virtual objects. But to take advantage of all its advantages. It is not necessary to have high-tech devices. Today we all use a smartphone capable of interacting with applications of this type and Pokemon Go! It was the best example of that. You may still remember the fever that invaded the planet. Suddenly, everyone went hunting Pokemon on the streets. I wandered through the cities looking for strange species, visiting invisible gyms, connecting with other hunters. The augmented reality made for weeks, millions of people around the world relive the animated story of Ash Ketchup and his friends, feeling almost part of them.

Pokemon Go! He demonstrated many things to the entertainment industry. But above all he taught us once again that if the content is good-useful, fun. Interesting-people are willing to make a small effort to understand and enjoy it. That’s why every day we see new. Although not very large- approaches to augmented reality devices. And that’s why we know that the future is in it.

The benefits of content based on augmented reality

best augmented reality devices

One of the best advantages of this technology is that it is in such an embryonic phase that the mere fact of developing applications that integrate. It puts your business on a higher plane. It constitutes a reason for differentiation. But it also allows brands (and will increasingly do so) to enter territories they had not yet been to. Or had only done so in a temporary way:

Geolocation. The information is power and knowing the place where the fans are can be a wonderful opportunity to interact with them. Show them discounts, discover opportunities or simply entertain them. Helping yourself with the options that the terrain gives can be a great way to be a useful brand. Surely you are already coming up with some great ideas in the tourism sector, for example.

Real – time interaction. Taking advantage of the fact that augmented reality devices is a very dynamic technology can be a great opportunity for your business. Users can try on clothes, see how they have a hairstyle. Find out if the sofa they like fits in their living room. Or find a discounted restaurant a couple of streets away. The applications are almost endless. You just have to find the most effective for your company.

Surprise. When a user puts himself in front of a content based on augmented reality he never knows very well what is going to happen. There is a component of curiosity much greater than with other formats. Taking advantage of this is really important. Because it is not the same to educate children about the importance of eating vegetables with a textbook than with small animated vegetables that jump, dance. And sing on the dining room table, to give an example. With augmented reality devices, your products have a new opportunity to be counted differently.

Added value. It is not about saying the same thing in another place. But to take advantage of technology to do things that otherwise would be totally impossible. The ideal is to provide added value to the user. Find native ways to give new information, to explain more complex parts of a business or to teach benefits to the customer in a totally new way. It’s not just teaching the product catalog. But looking for a different utility that makes it even more relevant. What if, when you entered a watch website, you were able to know exactly how they would fit on your wrist? Ray-Ban already does it with his glasses.

What your company gains with augmented reality

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But there are not only benefits for the user. Companies that bet more and more firmly on new technologies. And put them into practice in a relevant way also increase their notoriety in the market. As we have said above. At the moment there are not many brands that have opted for augmented reality devices. But doing so places you on a higher level of notoriety and reputation. It contributes a plus difficult to equal by other ways.

In addition, developing applications of this type differentiates you from the competition. In an era in which online shopping is gaining more followers. Proposing imaginative solutions to customers can turn a company into the number one in your sector: are not there more likely to buy glasses online. If you can check how you are they left from home?

Finally, getting a different user experience, fun and witty will end up falling in love with more and more expert customers. Attracting them for your products but also for your way of communicating them is the last step before winning them forever.

If you are thinking of exploring new paths around augmented reality devices. And new digital formats for your company, contact us. We will help you find the most effective and surprising way to reach your customers.

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