Application Design: Step by Step Tutorial to Design an App

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Application Design: Step by Step Tutorial to Design an App

Application Design– We live in times where technological advances encompass more and more space within our routines, from the computer in our room through the television in our living room and even the very smart phone that we carry in our pockets. Technology surrounds us in an enveloping way, becoming dependent on it and the functions it offers in order to facilitate our most common and elementary tasks.

How can I make an application design?

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Day after day millions of people around the world can count on their smartphones for multiple tasks, be it entertaining themselves in a moment of leisure, carrying a list of pending tasks or simply to communicate with their loved ones, colleagues and friends. All based on mobile applications, hundreds of them that serve us just like our own right hand does, but what happens if you want to take a step forward and become a mobile application developer ? How are these wonderful and advantageous tools created?

It may look like an arduous and quite frightening task but the design of applications turns out to be much simpler than you may think. Therefore, we have taken the trouble to order a simple and clear list of steps that will help you develop a  successful App that will fit perfectly for you and your business, without forgetting, of course, your users.

Create your Idea, Define it and Focus on It

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One of the most important steps in the design of applications occurs when you must define the objective with which you create it, in order to determine clearly and concisely what you want to achieve with it. This is the starting point of your project, which will define the goals you seek for your company and your users.

Take a moment, take a couple of minutes for yourself and sit down to define what, with luck and dedication, your new project will achieve. Feel totally free to start with the most basic, take a paper and a pencil and start to sketch your ideas. Remember that at this point the ideal is to think about what your application seeks to achieve , how you will make users feel attracted to your platform, the possible problems, how to solve them and of course not least, how will the marketing strategy be App .

The best way to ensure the success of your company and yours is to start on the right foot and have an idea as concrete as possible about your goals and purpose of the project. Believe me, having a clear vision is crucial!

You can design applications of all kinds such as:

  • Applications to design houses
  • Graphic design applications
  • Interior design applications
  • Applications to design web pages
  • Development of games
  • Applications to edit and make videos
  • Applications to edit photos
  • Apps to watch movies and watch football
  • Applications to learn English
  • Apps for Instagram and other social networks, etc.

At this point, it must be borne in mind that depending on the type of application development , you can generally opt for two clearly defined options, although there are some more:

  • Develop applications for ios: Applications for iphone, applications for ipad, applications for mac …
  • Designing Android applications: applications for tablets, applications for smartphones
  • Web applications design
  • Design of multiplatform applications

Let’s talk about the Market and your Competition

Let’s be honest, the market is a very complicated place, especially when we talk about the design of mobile web applications and the design of computer applications , but with a good previous training, you will see how this “giant” becomes more and more malleable and becomes more clear. To start researches. Do a good survey about your competition and analyze their platforms will give you a clearer perspective of two very important points in the design of your application , first, what kind of market you are getting into and second, what is your competition offering? and how would be the way to offer it better and even deliver more.

A little market research never hurts. It’s just a matter of reading and seeing what users think, reviewing what they like and not about your products and what are the problems they usually face. This will give you a point of advantage since you will know the operation of the market and also provide you with tools to combat the possible competition that may appear in the future.

Do not Forget the Functionality of your Application

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Once the previous points have been defined, it is likely that you already have a fairly substantial list of what the details and technical specifications might be to which you will have to pay more attention. Now, it’s time to think about what kind of solutions, through functions and features, you can offer through your mobile development . The functions of an application are the way to develop and solve all those details to which your users ask for an answer when they download your App development .

Do not forget that the permanence, loyalty and loyalty of your consumers will be directly affected by all the particularities that can be found in your mobile application. Take advantage of this moment to define crucial points such as if your application will be distributed free or paid in the application markets, if you will include publications within the App, if you will offer purchase options within it, etc. All these are functions of the App that can change and should be adjusted to your original idea.

Sketch the Future of your Application

If you have followed all the steps that we have mentioned so far, it is safest to wait for the moment to design your mobile application  and connect all these points, after making a basic sketch of what your App will be. Make sure:

  • All the functionality of your application should make total sense.
  • Each function must work in a coherent and cohesive way with the rest of the functions.
  • The outline of your application has a user interface design friendly to your users.

Through the exciting process of schematizing and designing applications , we achieve with some lines and geometric figures a much more precise and refined vision of how our application will look with graphic details, screens and specifications. This will be the basis of our App project.

The Moment of Thinking comes in the design of Interface App

discover application design

Based on the sketch you have already prepared, the opportunity has come to think about the internal functionality of your mobile application. In other words, the interface that will serve as the foundation of your mobile App design and that will provide the most optimal experience for your users. To do this, it is best to make an outline of the functions that the application will have, how they will be provided, what requirements must be met …

Schematize will allow you to define your servers, your API keys and what will be the diagrams for your data … it may sound scary, but take a step back, breathe and remember that the Internet is your best ally since there are thousands of tools that will give you the assistance necessary to do it.

It is very important to remember that, by means of a fairly defined scheme, if a problem should occur you can make a simple mapping and provide an effective response to your App design.

It’s Time to Take the First Test!

The design of your mobile application step by step is taking shape and becomes increasingly a fact. Once your schema and interface are merged, you will have what is commonly known as the beta version of the application. It’s time to gather a group of people who have a strong opinion about your idea and application design (for this you can use A / B test). This will be the perfect opportunity to verify the fluidity of your interface and how intuitive it is. Remember that at this point of application development is very common to encounter problems, but for that there are prototypes. Thanks to these, it is possible to detect all those inconveniences that we have been able to ignore and focus on their resolution.

Through the first tests you will look to give the final stitches to your mobile application design  and verify the structure of it so that everything works without any setback.

Gather and shape all the pieces

Your App is at a point where everything is almost ready. I know you can not wait to show it to the world, but there are still important aspects to be dealt with. This is when your work or that of your developer App should be focused on completing the implementation of servers, review databases, API keys and find the best storage solution to be used (it will be the back-end engine that will give you to the mechanism of your application the expectations and effectiveness that your users expect and look for when downloading your application ).

Another important thing at this point is to create your account as an application developer in the different types of App stores where you want to distribute your digital solution. I recommend that you do it in advance since having a verified account as an Apps developer can take several days.

The Second Review, the most important

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Since everything is apparently ready, your application design must go through a second revision. Through this test your application will finish defining and contextualizing its form and its design (see how it works in different mobile devices, touch up details of appearance and usability, etc.).

It is necessary that the concept you have thought fits your needs without losing its functionality and attractiveness at any time. Performing a second test will solidify your mobile application.

It will be quite exciting when you finally see the finalized conceptualization of your project, from the design of the sections, the images and the texts to the interface itself.

Do not forget that each revision will create new opinions and suggestions, being able to draw new ideas or discard any other. For this, it is very important to stay objective and always think about your application and your users.

Giving the final touches and the Launch!

Now that your application is published, you will have to constantly monitor it using tools from ASO Marketing and App Analysis. It is a task that never ends, but that will ensure you have all the control over it and thus offer a design of clean application of errors and always effective. A continuous and systematic maintenance of the same is essential for the application to be successful in the medium to long term.

It is also necessary to plan a launch strategy for your application design. Keep in mind, that many times App stores become a vital partner when it comes to suggesting the download and installation of your application to users who carry out search related to it. This requires a good ASO App positioning and good marketing strategies for applications such as email marketing campaigns , social media marketing , paid advertising in applications and web pages using Google Adwords , natural positioning if the application has an official website …

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