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Thinking of starting a farming business? Looking for farming ideas to make money? Here are the most profitable business start-up ideas for entrepreneurs from online pokies Australia.

  1. Grow Microgreens

With the advent of healthy eating, many fine restaurants and gourmet speciality shops want to purchase locally grown salad lettuce referred to as microgreens. How to start a microgreen business.

  1. Agricultural Farm

Dependent upon your climate and the amount of your agricultural land, you could grow crops of all types from vegetables to fruits and flowers. In my local area, the most profitable farms grow Brussel sprouts, apples, strawberries and tomatoes.

  1. Sod Farm

If you have a large amount of land you can grow sod grass turf. This can be an especially lucrative market if you sell to school districts for sports fields, golf courses for putting greens or landscapers to install in suburban homes.

  1. Organic Farm

One of the fastest-growing and most lucrative business opportunities in farming is in organics. No longer are Organics only sold in health food stores. These days all supermarkets have a dedicated organic produce section. Often you can charge more for organic produce than traditionally grown crops. Things you need to know when starting an organic farm or playing games at casinos français.

  1. CSA Program – Community-supported agriculture

By using your own farm’s crops or those of a co-op of local growers you can develop a buyers club called a CSA. People purchase shares of your harvest which they pay for at the beginning of the season and then each week receives a portion of your produce at harvest time. This has been a very popular and profitable business model for farmers near me. It can be expanded into other products including eggs, flowers, and meat. One of our local organic farms sold the shares to neighborhoods a few hours away and delivers orders weekly.

  1. Herb Farm

You could grow herbs for medicinal uses, beauty treatments or for culinary purposes. A friend of mine owns a highly profitable business of selling herb starts (small herb plants) to local garden retail centers that sell them to home gardeners. He even sells to our local Walmart! Medicinal herbs can be sold wholesale or direct to consumers online. Additionally, you do not need to grow all of the medicinal herbs yourself. You could purchase many varieties to offer a full complement on your website or in your store.

  1. Lavender Farm

What are the most popular crops is the floral herb is lavender. It is used in fragrances, cooking and for herbal medicine treatments and is an ornamental plant. Near me there are two lucrative lavender farms that offer tours and sell a full range of lavender products. Their best-sellers are soaps, dried lavender, and lavender honey. They also make money renting out their lavender farm to photographers for bridal and fashion photoshoots.

  1. Tree and Shrub & Perennial Farming

You could use your land to grow trees, plants, and shrubs for home gardens. You could retail directly to consumers or sell wholesale to local garden centers. Research selling to municipalities and large landscaping firms because they could buy large bulk orders.

There are a few tree farms in my region. Their advantage is that they sell trees well acclimated to our local climate. This ensures that the home gardener has good results at their home with the replanted tree and shrubs. A related idea would be to grow perennials plants. You could propagate these plants in greenhouses or in the soil dependent upon your plant variety and local climate. How to start a permaculture nursery and tree farm.

  1. Christmas Tree Farm

The Christmas tree market is seasonal and highly profitable. Due to the hardy nature of pine trees, there is fewer regular maintenance and operating cost.

  1. Hemp Farm

If your state has legalized hemp cultivation this could be an excellent crop to farm. The advantage of hemp growing is that it grows more vigorously than corn, but requires less water, pesticides, and fertilizer which makes it a profitable and sustainable crop. Hemp can be used for livestock feed, biofuel production, paper, and textiles.

Additionally, hemp seeds and the oil produced from them have many culinary, health and industrial uses. One of the best money-making industries that hemp farmers are profiting from is the production of CBD oil. This is an oil that is medicinal and is legal in all 50 US states. Learn how to start a hemp farm.

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